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Joe Margolis Extra Space

27 Nov, 2023

Who's Who in Self Storage: Joe Margolis, CEO of Extra space

With the approval of both companies’ shareholders, Extra Space Storage and Life Storage completed...

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Silver Creek Self Storage

27 Nov, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Silver Creek Self Storage, San José, CA

Located approximately 0.5 miles from the offramp fed by the highly traveled 101 freeway, this...

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27 Nov, 2023

The Game-Changing Benefits of Third-Party Remote Management

Investing in self-storage facilities can be a lucrative venture. However, it is also important to...

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kelly maas moove in storage

21 Nov, 2023

Manager of the Year 2nd Runner Up, Kelly Maas, Moove In Self Storage

For a decade, Kelly Maas has been exceeding everyone’s expectations at York, Pa.-based ...

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Ron Pell Morningstar Storage

21 Nov, 2023

Manager of the year Runner-up: Ron pell, Morningstar Storage

Within four years, Ron Pell has become a pillar of his community through his position as a...

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ginny sutton tssa

21 Nov, 2023

Women in self-storage: Ginny Sutton, Executive director of tSSA

Did you know that only 35 percent of organizations have a formalized succession planning process...

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Jenny Rodriguez Ohana Self Storage

20 Nov, 2023

Manager of the year: Jenny Rodrigues of ‘Ohana Self Storage

For those living on the mainland, family is typically defined as blood relatives. On the Hawaiian...

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Storage Box

17 Nov, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Storage Box, San Antonio, TX

Situated on an L-shaped lot in San Antonio, Texas, Storage Box offers three stories of modern...

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self storage data sharing

15 Nov, 2023

Sharing Is caring: 10 reasons to share your self storage data

“Sharing is caring” may sound like a lazy platitude, but when it comes to your data, sharing does...

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pam domingue self storage

15 Nov, 2023

Organic Growth: Sowing Storage Solutions

Ideas are like seeds. When planted in the mind of a determined woman, and cultivated with...

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Holiday marketing ideas

12 Nov, 2023

10 Marketing Ideas to Help Avoid the winter season sales slump

When the weather turns cold, business tends to cool down as well for many self storage operators....

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Charity Storage

9 Nov, 2023

Holiday Giving Guide: Five Ways To Give Back To Your Community

November ushers in the beginning of a very familiar season. On top of turkeys, treats, and together...

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Community Support

1 Nov, 2023

6 Ways to Boost Your Business By Becoming a Community Hub

Although contactless rentals and remote management are growing in popularity within the self...

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e-bike battery fires

31 Oct, 2023

Hidden Dangers: How E-Bikes & Lithium-ion Batteries Can Start Fires

From fireworks to firearms, many owner-operators prohibit potentially dangerous items from being...

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Nathan Davenport

27 Oct, 2023

Who's Who in Self Storage: Nathan Davenport, PTI Security Systems

Are you a “digital native?” Even if you aren’t one, there’s a good chance that approximately...

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3D Printing in Self Storage

25 Oct, 2023

3D Printing in Self Storage: Parts, Prototypes & Properties

Could your next self-storage facility be printed? It could be the next big industry trend. After...

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neighbor self storage

18 Oct, 2023

Meet Your Neighbor: Interview with joseph woodbury,

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when it comes to, this old adage...

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boxwell team

17 Oct, 2023

The Power of Community Building for Businesses

In business, success is synonymous with profitability and market dominance. And sure, when people...

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expectation vs reality

13 Oct, 2023

Mind the Gap: When Customer Expectations & Reality Collide

“I don’t understand. This hotel has no restaurant, no concierge, and no valet. It’s not at all what...

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bankrupt tenant

11 Oct, 2023

What Do I Do If My Tenant Files Bankruptcy?

It is crucial that a self-storage owner takes all the appropriate steps when advised that a tenant...

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10 Oct, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: National Self Storage SIL1

A new facility in Marana, Ariz., is turning heads with its fortress-like appearance and enchanting...

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mixed-use properties

4 Oct, 2023

Commercial Concerns: Managing Mixed-Use Property

Over my 46-year property management career, I have managed everything from apartments to large,...

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Facility Rehab

3 Oct, 2023

Reasons To Renovate: When A Facility Rehab Makes Sense

The self-storage developers of a few decades ago would have been awed by today’s new facilities....

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self storage doors

27 Sep, 2023

Door Diligence: Maintaining One Of Your Most Critical Components

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This sentiment can easily be applied to...

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self storage towing

19 Sep, 2023

Self Storage Legal: To Tow or Not to tow?

The issue of towing at self-storage facilities must be broken down into two very separate areas....

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phoenix self storage

18 Sep, 2023

Phoenix Rising: The Capital of Self Storage

“Arizona was magnetic,” says MiniCo founder Hardy Good, a self storage veteran who moved to the...

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digital networking

12 Sep, 2023

Make Contact: Networking in a Digital Age

If there’s one thing those in self-storage enjoy, it’s a good networking event. The industry is...

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23 Aug, 2023

Ancillary Income Is Much More Than Pennies In The Bank

Many times, when self-storage owners and operators think of ancillary income, they may be thinking...

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15 Aug, 2023

Pre-Planning & Managing Disasters To Minimize Loss And Stress

Fires, floods, hurricanes, burglaries and finding hazardous chemicals in storage units are just...

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