MSM Exclusives

3 Jul, 2023

Look Who's Talking–Mike Jobb, Canam Self Storage Development

Eighteen years ago, Mike Jobb, owner of Ontario-based Canam Self Storage, was getting his first...

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cyber insurance

29 Jun, 2023

Understanding the Need for Cyber Insurance

A manager of a facility accidentally clicks on a malware link embedded in a fraudulent e-mail...

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self storage sales

25 Jun, 2023

10 Ways to Take Advantage of the Storage Summer Spike

Summer is to self-storage what Christmas is to retailers—an opportunity to ensure your income is...

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21 Jun, 2023

10 Federal Drones Keep Unmanned Storage Facilities Safe

Many in the self storage industry have begun to explore new and emerging technologies in order to...

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self storage discounts

20 Jun, 2023

10 Pitfalls of Self Storage Rental Rate Discounts

Does it make sense to offer rental rate discounts? That is the question every self-storage...

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18 Jun, 2023

Should You Hyphenate Self Storage?

Updated with poll results July 11, 2023 — Should you hyphenate self storage? The debate about...

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9 Jun, 2023

The Self Storage Data Sharing Dilemma

It can be stated without hyperbole that the quality of data in the self-storage industry is...

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employee turnover

8 Jun, 2023

Job Culture: 3 Ways to Reduce Turnover

Having the specific skills for a particular job is important, but even the most qualified job...

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7 Jun, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Self Storage

“The cat is out of the bag,” says Joseph Steinberg, AI and cybersecurity author, advisor, speaker,...

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property tax

6 Jun, 2023

Long-Term Business Property Tax Savings

It is the rare self-storage owner, operator, manager, or industry professional who doesn’t attempt...

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Boxwell Team

6 Jun, 2023

Be Small & Nimble for Optimal Growth

When I set out to start my company, I knew it was important to choose the right mix of employees....

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Mason Levy

1 Jun, 2023

Look Who’s Talking – Mason Levy, CEO of swivl

On Nov. 30, 2022, OpenAI launched a prototype of ChatGPT, a large language model (LLM) that...

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Hawaii Unconference Self Storage Event

31 May, 2023

2023 Self Storage Hawai'i Unconference Event

The Self Storage Hawai’i UnConference is a unique event that offers self-storage professionals the...

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24 May, 2023

Custom Containers For Storage Facilities

When people think about storage containers, images of industrial vessels with steel boxes stacked...

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Economic woes for self storage

23 May, 2023

Ensuring Your Success in Any Economy

Having been in the self-storage industry for over 26 years, spanning through multiple economic...

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self storage debt

23 May, 2023

Third-Party Management Debt Collector?

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted in 1978 to protect consumers from abuse...

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Toy Storage Nation

16 May, 2023

Toy Storage Nation Tour

Following a blockbuster, sold-out event in Las Vegas this April, Toy Storage Nation is heading...

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economy and self storage

9 May, 2023

Fed Rate Hikes Impact Self-Storage

Uncertainty regarding the economy has hung over the United States and the world since the...

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smartstop sponsorships

6 May, 2023

SmartStop Teams Up IndyCar Team

When it comes to promoting the SmartStop brand, Vice President of Marketing Rhonda Williams is...

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27 Apr, 2023

How to Build a Class A Storage Facility

Self-storage has evolved over the last 40-plus years. In bygone days, developers had a relatively...

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18 Apr, 2023

Look Who’s Talking – Lauri Longstrom-Henderson, Director of Sales and Marketing for MSM

Lauri Longstrom-Henderson was quite happy being semi-retired after many years in the self-storage...

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18 Apr, 2023

Nourish The Children: StorageGives Eases Hunger Through Auctions And Donations

The last time I was really hungry was my third day into a keto diet. Most of us who work in...

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11 Apr, 2023

Inside the New Paid-Time Off Laws

It’s a move some feel may signal a nationwide change regarding employee time off. Illinois has...

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5 Apr, 2023

Prices Moderate as Panic Buying Eases

For diesel buyers, price relief can’t come soon enough. Essential to truck fleet operations and a...

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5 Apr, 2023

How To Survive A Bear Attack: Extra Space And Life Storage Build A Bigger Bear

There’s an old wilderness survival rhyme that goes like this, “If the bear is brown, lie down; if...

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3 Apr, 2023

Extra Space Storage & Life Storage Combine to Form the Preeminent Storage Operator

SALT LAKE CITY and BUFFALO, N.Y., April 3, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Extra Space Storage Inc. (NYSE: EXR)...

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29 Mar, 2023

Defying Autism: Looking Beyond The Diagnosis

Most people in the self-storage industry know me as the lady in the red dress. At home, the most...

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29 Mar, 2023

Tech Layoffs May Benefit The Industry

Silicon Valley has been attracting a lot of press since the beginning of 2023, but the copious...

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22 Mar, 2023

Bank Crash Aftermath

There was no jumping from skyscrapers like in 1929, but over the last few weeks, business owners...

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21 Mar, 2023

West Coast Self-Storage And Charity Storage Give Back

I had the good fortune to meet John Eisenbarth, vice president of operations for Everett,...

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