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Betco Smart Technology

How Smart Building Provides the Blueprint for a Profitable, “Future-Proof” Self-Storage Facility

It wasn’t all that long ago that smart features were considered a luxury or novelty offering that...

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Janus Smart Technology

The Time for Smart Technology is Now.

rev·o·lu·tion·ar·y - adjective

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Betco Smart Tech

The Future of the Industry is Clear – Is Your Self-Storage Game Smart?

The words “smart building” come up quite a bit nowadays. It’s an increasingly popular phrase, and...

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Janus Noke

Don Clauson: They Told Him It Wouldn't work. he proved them wrong.

Don Clauson is an innovator. He didn't get to be President and CEO of Strat Property Management,...

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auction self storage

Auction! Acquisition Opportunity in nYC

This Article 9 sale provides a unique opportunity to acquire the entities, which own 2...

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Big, Mean, and Green: How First-Time Self-Storage Owners are Winning the Game

It’s no secret that self-storage is one of the most successful business ventures, and that’s...

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Building vs Buying: A MakoRabco & Flagship Case Study

The self-storage industry has experienced notable changes in recent years, especially in the...

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relocatable units

Sold Out? Combat High Occupancy Rates with Relocatable Storage Units

While some players in the self-storage game might argue that having high occupancy rates means...

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Storelocal Hercules – Built to Stand Out

As the demand for self-storage grows, so does the number of buildings popping up that often look...

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