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1 May, 2024

Why We're Sending The New York Times Our Self-Storage Almanac

Last week, the New York Times published the story “Square Feet: Americans Went All-In on...

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boat storage

28 Mar, 2024

Courting Captains: What Boat Owners Want In a Storage Facility

There’s a saying in Florida that there are two types of people: those who are boaters and those who...

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self storage movies

21 Feb, 2024

Self-Storage Goes Hollywood: Film & TV Depictions of the Industry

It’s probably the most famous – and infamous – self-storage scene in movie history. In 1990’s The...

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military self storage

7 Feb, 2024

Army Ends Free Storage Program, Presenting Self-Storage Opportunity

Many active military members and military families stay on the move. Their service takes them to...

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boat self storage

10 Jan, 2024

10 Ways To Sell Boat Owners On The Benefits Of Self-Storage

There’s a saying in Florida that there are two types of people: Those who are boaters and those who...

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self storage retail

30 Dec, 2023

Retail Rules: Making The Most Of Your Merchandise

“Convenience is king,” declared the Wall Street Journal recently, noting that, more often than not,...

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data sharing

27 Dec, 2023

Sync To Share: Arriving at the Data Sharing Era

In recent months, MSM has been highlighting the importance of data sharing in the self-storage...

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self storage data sharing

15 Nov, 2023

Sharing Is caring: 10 reasons to share your self storage data

“Sharing is caring” may sound like a lazy platitude, but when it comes to your data, sharing does...

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Holiday marketing ideas

12 Nov, 2023

10 Marketing Ideas to Help Avoid the winter season sales slump

When the weather turns cold, business tends to cool down as well for many self storage operators....

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Community Support

1 Nov, 2023

6 Ways to Boost Your Business By Becoming a Community Hub

Although contactless rentals and remote management are growing in popularity within the self...

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e-bike battery fires

31 Oct, 2023

Hidden Dangers: How E-Bikes & Lithium-ion Batteries Can Start Fires

From fireworks to firearms, many owner-operators prohibit potentially dangerous items from being...

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3D Printing in Self Storage

25 Oct, 2023

3D Printing in Self Storage: Parts, Prototypes & Properties

Could your next self-storage facility be printed? It could be the next big industry trend. After...

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neighbor self storage

18 Oct, 2023

Meet Your Neighbor: Interview with joseph woodbury,

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when it comes to, this old adage...

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self storage doors

27 Sep, 2023

Door Diligence: Maintaining One Of Your Most Critical Components

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This sentiment can easily be applied to...

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phoenix self storage

18 Sep, 2023

Phoenix Rising: The Capital of Self Storage

“Arizona was magnetic,” says MiniCo founder Hardy Good, a self storage veteran who moved to the...

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digital networking

12 Sep, 2023

Make Contact: Networking in a Digital Age

If there’s one thing those in self-storage enjoy, it’s a good networking event. The industry is...

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2 Aug, 2023

Self Storage: What the Wall Street Journal Got Wrong

In 2021, self storage was the darling of the Wall Street Journal, with the paper declaring the...

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26 Jul, 2023

New Details About the Extra Space/Life Storage Merger

Following approval of shareholders from both companies, the finalization of the Extra Space and...

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Public Storage

26 Jul, 2023

New Details on the Public Storage Acquisition of Simply

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for self storage mergers and acquisitions. On Monday, Public...

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Artificial Intelligence in self storage

19 Jul, 2023

Why AI Shortcuts Can Lead to Marketing Dead Ends

Shortcuts aren’t always a bad thing. We’ve all performed tasks that were needlessly time consuming...

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21 Jun, 2023

10 Federal Drones Keep Unmanned Storage Facilities Safe

Many in the self storage industry have begun to explore new and emerging technologies in order to...

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18 Jun, 2023

Should You Hyphenate Self Storage?

Updated with poll results July 11, 2023 — Should you hyphenate self storage? The debate about...

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7 Jun, 2023

Artificial Intelligence in Self Storage

“The cat is out of the bag,” says Joseph Steinberg, AI and cybersecurity author, advisor, speaker,...

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smartstop sponsorships

6 May, 2023

SmartStop Teams Up IndyCar Team

When it comes to promoting the SmartStop brand, Vice President of Marketing Rhonda Williams is...

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11 Apr, 2023

Inside the New Paid-Time Off Laws

It’s a move some feel may signal a nationwide change regarding employee time off. Illinois has...

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22 Mar, 2023

Bank Crash Aftermath

There was no jumping from skyscrapers like in 1929, but over the last few weeks, business owners...

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13 Dec, 2022

2022 Facility of the Year - New Facility: Storelocal Hercules

Located along the coast of San Pablo Bay, Calif., just north of San Francisco and Oakland, is the...

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