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TLW Construction

7 May, 2024

New Directions: TLW Construction Forms New Partnership

Over 40 years ago, when the industry was new, Ted Williams formed TLW Construction in Gilbert,...

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vertical self storage

16 Apr, 2024

Sky-High Storage: The Rise Of Vertical Self-Storage Solutions

In the densely populated cores of cities, where land is a premium commodity, the self-storage...

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self storage asset class

5 Mar, 2024

Know Your ABCs: Factors That Determine Self-Storage Asset Class

The self-storage industry has exploded in the past two decades. As the industry has grown, the...

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Blue Sky Self Storage

23 Feb, 2024

Ground-breaking Development: Blue Sky Self Storage – Overland Park, KS

Blue Sky Self Storage is a pristine, 79,625-net-rentable-square-foot facility in Overland Park,...

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Mike Burnam, Storagemart

16 Feb, 2024

The Last Word: Mike Burnam, CIO & President of StorageMart

It’s odd that I ever get the “last word,” especially at my house, so I guess it is apropos that...

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self storage development

6 Feb, 2024

Plot Plan: Finding the Right Site for Your Facility

Self-storage development is an expensive gamble.

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self storage development

2 Jan, 2024

Development Delusions: Five Misconceptions About Self-Storage

Self-storage development has taken on a life of its own, particularly after the Great Recession....

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Arizona Self Storage

20 Dec, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Arizona Self Storage, Peoria, AZ

After approximately two years under development, Arizona Self Storage, a state-of-the-art, Class-A...

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Silver Creek Self Storage

27 Nov, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Silver Creek Self Storage, San José, CA

Located approximately 0.5 miles from the offramp fed by the highly traveled 101 freeway, this...

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Storage Box

17 Nov, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Storage Box, San Antonio, TX

Situated on an L-shaped lot in San Antonio, Texas, Storage Box offers three stories of modern...

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pam domingue self storage

15 Nov, 2023

Organic Growth: Sowing Storage Solutions

Ideas are like seeds. When planted in the mind of a determined woman, and cultivated with...

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10 Oct, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: National Self Storage SIL1

A new facility in Marana, Ariz., is turning heads with its fortress-like appearance and enchanting...

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mixed-use properties

4 Oct, 2023

Commercial Concerns: Managing Mixed-Use Property

Over my 46-year property management career, I have managed everything from apartments to large,...

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Facility Rehab

3 Oct, 2023

Reasons To Renovate: When A Facility Rehab Makes Sense

The self-storage developers of a few decades ago would have been awed by today’s new facilities....

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multi-storage properties

10 Aug, 2023

Managing Mixed Use Commercial Property

Over my 46-year property management career I have managed everything from apartments to large...

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27 Jul, 2023

Considerations for Successful Self Storage Conversions

When considering a self storage conversion, it’s important to understand the most essential...

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27 Apr, 2023

How to Build a Class A Storage Facility

Self-storage has evolved over the last 40-plus years. In bygone days, developers had a relatively...

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27 Dec, 2022

The Last Word: Wrenches In Construction

If you are a business owner exhausted of renting commercial real estate and considering purchasing...

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15 Nov, 2022

Conscientious Conversions: Revitalizing The Past With Adaptive Reuse

Growth in a community is great; it means more jobs, a growing population, new and fun restaurants,...

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31 May, 2022

Pricing Pains: Construction Costs Cause Concern

Widespread market volatility from the COVID-19 pandemic’s ongoing supply chain disruptions, the...

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24 May, 2022

Kings Of Steel: Mako-Rabco Merger Brings Expertise Nationwide

A few decades ago, a handful of ambitious 20-somethings working in the light-steel construction...

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24 May, 2022

Construction Financing Still Strong

Unsettled world events may have an affect later in year The self-storage industry has been...

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4 Apr, 2022

A Narrowing Pipeline: The Outlook On New Development For 2022 And Beyond

Moderation is the key word for self-storage development in 2022. After peaking in 2018 and 2019,...

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29 Mar, 2022

Let’s Talk Rooftops: Is It Time To Replace Or Restore Your Roof?

There is an argument to be made that a functioning roof is the single most important aspect of any...

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Rachel Parham

8 Oct, 2021

Look Who’s Talking: Rachel Parham, President of Noah’s Ark Development

Heading into the fourth quarter, it’s safe to say that 2021 has been a fairly profitable year for...

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4 May, 2021

Recipe For Disaster: Extreme Weather, COVID-19, And Rising Construction Costs

Natural disasters, COVID-19, and rising construction costs are proving to be the perfect storm,...

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19 Mar, 2021

Post-Pandemic Deals: Performing Due Diligence in Trying Times

For the self-storage industry, 2020 was an outstanding year with an unprecedented amount of new...

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8 Mar, 2021

Modern Money Maker: A Self-Storage Renovations Case Study

Self-storage as we know it today has been around for more than half a century. While we’ve seen...

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4 Feb, 2021

Designs Of The Day: Will The Changing Economy Impact Self-Storage Architecture?

Recent architectural trends in self-storage appear likely to continue in 2021, some industry...

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