The Time for Smart Technology is Now.

Posted by Janus International on Jan 18, 2024 8:00:00 AM

rev·o·lu·tion·ar·y - adjective

Definition: Constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change



Let’s face it, the word “revolutionary” can be a bit overused. Seemingly every new product or service is referred to using that particular term. But when an entire industry is going through a revolution, specifically the self-storage industry, well, then it’s time to sit up and take notice. And the source of this revolution? Smart-access technology. Smart-access is changing the way owner-operators do business, it’s overhauling the tenant experience, and it’s truly revolutionizing the entire self-storage industry, creating many more opportunities for increased revenue.


Smart solutions such as the Nokē Smart Entry System, a cutting-edge Bluetooth electronic lock and total access control system that allows your customers to access their self-storage facility and their unit from their smart device, benefits both owner-operators as well as tenants. Add in technological advances such as the latest access control systems, innovative surveillance and alarm setups, and virtual site tours and online reservations, and you’ll soon realize that smart solutions are no longer just premium luxuries. They’re here to stay, and your customers will pay a premium for this additional level of assurance and convenience.


All this revolutionary technology (there’s that word again) may seem a bit daunting at first, but after exploring how smart technology can work for you and your tenants, how easy it is to implement and manage, and how it can positively affect your bottom line, you’ll see why smart solutions are indeed changing the way we do business in the self-storage world. Let’s take a look at how it effects both the owner-operator as well as the tenant:


How is Smart-Access a Revolutionary Change for Tenants?

People look for convenience in every aspect of today’s world, and smart technology gives them just that in their search for a self-storage facility. Let’s look at three specific benefits from a tenant’s perspective:


1. A VIRTUAL SHOPPING SPREE – 80% of online shopping begins with a smart phone, so it’s crucial to have a smart device-friendly website that can do it all for potential tenants. Virtual site tours, pricing info, and online reservations are must-haves. A strong online presence also reduces barriers such as requiring tenants to come to your facility to sign documents or receive their gate card and unit keys. If they can complete the journey to a sale through your website, you’re truly using technology to your advantage.


2. TOTAL ACCESS AROUND THE CLOCK – 24-hour access is a tenant necessity in today’s world. People require the ability to visit their unit day or night, on their schedule. A smart-access solution means they can open the facility gate through their smart phone, eliminating the step of dealing with a freestanding keypad, any time they want. They can also say goodbye to keys with a simple tap of a button on their facility’s app. In addition, users can be added to their account, ending the problematic practice of code-sharing. This technology makes for a safer and more convenient experience for tenants.


3. ACCOUNT ACCESS ON THEIR TIME – People also require access to their account at any time, whether to make changes and update information, or to pay rent. And if their payment is late, they can get unit access restored without having to involve a manager. Having access to a well-designed app gives them all the freedom they require, without having to work around facility office hours.


How is Smart-Access a Revolutionary Change for Owner-Operators?

Smart-access technology is truly changing the game for owner-operators as well. Implementing smart solutions is the perfect way to increase revenue as well as the safety and security of a facility, improving the experience for both operators and tenants alike. Let’s examine four advantages that save time and money, and can make your business much more profitable:


1. SAFE AND SOUND having a more secure perimeter to your facility is the first line of defense, and incorporating smart solutions with regards to surveillance and access control is a great way to ensure you have the latest tools to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your facility, and to deter theft and vandalism.


As discussed earlier, Nokē smart locks make life easier for tenants, but they also help operators in a variety of ways. First, smart locks are more secure than traditional physical locks, reducing instances of break-ins. An added theft-deterrent is that every unit will look exactly the same, whether it’s occupied or not, giving any would-be thief no information and discouraging their attempts to breach any particular unit. And many smart solutions include motion and thermal sensors, alerting owners as well as the authorities of any unusual activity throughout the site.


Smart access also means owner-operators will know exactly who is inside the facility at any given time, and any notifications of illegal or questionable activity can alert both owners and the authorities at a moment’s notice.


2. AUTOMATION HELPS having more time for revenue generating tasks is the goal of every facility owner-operator, and smart solutions can streamline many every-day processes, creating more opportunities to increase their bottom line. For instance, the typical manager spends 6-10 hours per week managing locks. With smart solutions, lock checks can be automated, and can take place every minute of every day if needed. Managers can also deny or renew unit access automatically, without having to visit any particular unit.


And when it comes to auctions, not only is it easier to follow lien laws, timelines and eligibility, but gone are the potential injuries that come with using power tools to remove locks, meaning no safety hazards for employees and no damage to the unit door.


3. MORE EFFECTIVE STAFFING another way to reduce operational costs is through managing sites remotely. This doesn’t necessarily eliminate on-site staffing, which is an important part of opening a facility, both to welcome customers and engage with the community. But once occupancy stabilizes, a staffing team can move on to the next project. This also helps during slow times of a given month or year, and still enables tenants to rent units and onboard through the facility’s website, and also allows sites to be monitored 24/7 with access control technology while decreasing office hours.


Another staffing benefit of smart solutions is that it allows for easy multi-site management. By leveraging technology, online portals can be used to monitor multiple facilities, see new reservations, and complete tasks automatically that used to require physically walking a site. This increases productivity while keeping costs down. And this freedom enables managers to visit several sites per day if needed or utilize their time for revenue-generating productivity instead of simply sitting in an office.


4. REVENUE BOOST One tremendous advantage of smart-access solutions is the boost to an owner-operator’s revenue. A premium can be charged for smart solutions, and studies show that tenants are more than willing to pay for the convenience of these high-end offerings. This results in higher occupancy and increases positive word-of-mouth via online reviews. And since smart technology improves security and reduces break-ins, tenants and owners alike can see reduced insurance premiums due to the added safety and security of the facility.


So, there you have it, smart-access technology is indeed revolutionary for the self-storage industry, and we’re not just saying that because it’s the theme of this article. Investing in your business by understanding the needs of today’s tenants not only helps generate more revenue today, but it also sets you up for success in the future as technology advances even further.


Utilizing the technology of the Nokē Smart Entry System is a sure way to create a self-storage experience that benefits owner-operators as well as tenants, enhancing the experience for everyone and assuring you’ll be at the forefront of the industry for years to come

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