How Smart Building Provides the Blueprint for a Profitable, “Future-Proof” Self-Storage Facility

Posted by Betco on Mar 6, 2024 6:00:00 PM

It wasn’t all that long ago that smart features were considered a luxury or novelty offering that seemed more style than substance. But in today’s self-storage world, smart solutions are expected and necessary to compete with other facilities, attract tenants looking for a premium experience, and prepare for the future.


Of course, one very visible aspect of a smart solution is the ability for tenants to enter the facility as well as their units through their smart device and without physical keys, while owner-operators can easily manage and monitor their buildings and operations remotely. But smart building is much more than that – it starts with strategic design and intelligent infrastructure, planning ahead to make sure that not only is your facility is state-of-the-art today, but that it can remain that way in the future.


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Watch our exclusive webinar that highlights smart building, providing the perfect strategy to accomplish your smart facility goals, regardless of size or location. With the help of two knowledgeable presenters in the field of smart solutions, Matt Maurer (Business Development Manager, BETCO, Inc.) and Mark Stephens (Business Development Manager, BETCO, Inc.), you’ll gain knowledge on all things smart, including:

  • What “smart” building is
  • How a smart facility can improve your business, now and in the future
  • The steps to take when first considering smart solutions
  • Options available for any size facility or approach
  • How to assemble a “dream team” to make your vision a reality


Access the full webinar here and learn more about this smart approach that is revolutionizing the self-storage business. And for even more valuable information on the ways that building smart sets you up for success now and in the future, check out the exclusive BETCO white paper highlighting the wisest approach for building the smart facility of your dreams. You can read the white paper right here.