Don Clauson: They Told Him It Wouldn't work. he proved them wrong.

Posted by Janus International on Dec 7, 2023 3:35:00 PM

Don Clauson is an innovator. He didn't get to be President and CEO of Strat Property Management, which operates 78 self-storage facilities in the Texas, Colorado, and California markets, by sitting still. Don was excited by all the changes taking place in the self-storage industry with regards to smart solution technology and was interested in implementing the Nokē Smart Entry system at his facilities. He was met with resistance, as the naysayers told him it wouldn't work in a rural area. Don trusted his gut, and it paid off.


What made Don want to implement the Nokē Smart Entry system?

For him, it was all about convenience for the tenant. The opportunity for them to not have to worry about a physical key, or even get out of their car to enter a gate passcode, were two advantages he wanted to offer to his tenants.


Overlocking was another advantage that caught Don's eye immediately. The thought of a manager never having to leave the office to physically perform and overlock was appealing. This would eliminate the missed opportunities if no one were physically in the office, ready to rent. To him it was a great benefit and a big-time savings as well.


What does Don like the most about the Nokē Smart Entry system?

One thing he really likes is how the facility managers simply love telling customers about the benefits. For instance, tenants can share their keys digitally with who they choose, and the manager can know exactly who is in the facility at any given time. In such a competitive industry as self-storage, this smart technology creates a differentiator that sets Don's facilities apart from the rest and gives him a distinct competitive advantage. It also allows him to charge a bit more for the convenience, while providing a time and cost savings from an operational standpoint.


How has the Nokē Smart Entry system impacted security?

This is where Don knows the vital impact Nokē can have on a facility. People who were unfamiliar with smart technology were skeptical of its ability to deter break-ins, whether at the gate or the lock unit. But Don has found it to be the exact opposite, creating a much more safe and secure environment.


With regards to break-ins, the first deterrent is that every single unit look the same, whether it's rented or not. Gone are the days of a thief looking for units with physical locks on them. And along with that means the end of a thief being able to simply cut a lock. Studies show that Nokē Smart locks are more secure than physical locks and reduce break-ins significantly. Nokē Smart Entry products also mean owner-operators will know exactly who is inside the facility at any given time, making an owner-operator's life much easier.


What do customers like about the Nokē Smart Entry system?

Don emphasizes how enjoyable it is to introduce this new technology to tenants. He says, without exaggeration, that he has spoken to between 300-400 customers, and only a few had reservations. By the end of the conversation, those few were excitedly highlighting the positives about this technology. Tenants love the convenience, no doubt about it. To pull up to the gate and not have to get out of their car, or roll down their window, or search for a code, it makes everything easier for them.


Don Clauson's foresight has proven that the Nokē Smart Entry system has tremendous upside, whether a facility is in a rural or metropolitan area. It makes everyone's lives easier, from tenant to owner, while improving security and assuring that customer belongings are safer than ever. And as Don has shown, all of these advantages mean a healthier bottom line for owner-operators. Learn more today.



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