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Self-Storage Now! is our free quarterly digital publication for self-storage professionals in facility management. Each issue delves into management and operations topics designed to help readers streamline operations, drive revenue, manage employees, and much more.


SSN Q124


Not all third-party management companies are created equally. Should you hire one of the REITs, or look to a large or small regional player?


Remote management has taken the self-storage world by storm. But are there trade-offs for letting machines do the work? What opportunities and challenges exist? 


Surveys show that employees' succeed when they're given some autonomy to perform their job; this requires instilling leadership skills, which can also strengthen retention rates.


Homelessness is a growing problem in the United States, and it can become a bigger problem when someone tries to make a self-storage unit their home. Here's how to handle it.

PLUS: Storage Gives, Managers In Action, Women in Self-Storage, and more!