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self storage architecture

13 May, 2024

Self-Storage Design: Balancing Functionality, Aesthetics & Cost

In an era where self-storage facilities are no longer merely practical spaces but integral...

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StoragePro Fairfield

27 Feb, 2024

Ground-breaking Development: StoragePRO at Fairfield, CA

Notwithstanding supply chain issues, significant increases in material costs, and lengthy delays...

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Silver Creek Self Storage

27 Nov, 2023

Groundbreaking Development: Silver Creek Self Storage, San José, CA

Located approximately 0.5 miles from the offramp fed by the highly traveled 101 freeway, this...

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mixed-use properties

4 Oct, 2023

Commercial Concerns: Managing Mixed-Use Property

Over my 46-year property management career, I have managed everything from apartments to large,...

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multi-storage properties

10 Aug, 2023

Managing Mixed Use Commercial Property

Over my 46-year property management career I have managed everything from apartments to large...

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12 Feb, 2021

Look Who’s Talking – Robert Kubicek, Principal, RKAA Architects, Inc.

Although the current development cycle has begun to slow down, there are still plenty of investors...

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jeffrey s. dallenbach

18 Nov, 2020

Look Who’s Talking: Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, ARCHCON / DALLENBACH-COLE Architecture

Although there is still plenty of capital and investors for new self-storage development, as well...

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17 Jul, 2020

The Sky’s The Limit - Architectural Trends In Self-Storage

The days when storage facilities consisted of rows of single-story metal buildings sprawled out...

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1 Nov, 2018

Drafting Developments

Trends In Self-Storage Design By Judy Colbert “When the last recession hit,” says Ken Carrell,...

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1 Sep, 2018

A Sunny Investment: Solar Power at Extra Space | MSM

One of the best things about my position as senior vice president of facilities at Extra Space...

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1 Feb, 2018

No Flat Sites

Topographical Challenges In Self-Storage By Jeffrey S. Dallenbach, AIA, in collaboration with...

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1 Jun, 2017

Skydock: The Modern Marina

The Rise Of Urban Powerboat Ownership In some of America’s most developed and densely populated...

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1 Jun, 2017

Going Up!

The Evolution Of Multi-Story Storage Facilities It’s no secret that land is scarce and costly in...

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