• September 29, 2023

18 Mar, 2023

Kings Of Customer Service: 2022 Managers Of The Year

Many businesses live by the notion that “the customer is king” and strive to provide exceptional customer service befitting of royalty. Others stand by the claim that “the customer is always right,” thus employees should do whatever it takes to make the...

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12 Jun, 2020

2020 Managers Of The Year | Mini-Storage Messenger

Each year, we like to recognize the self-storage industry’s finest property managers through its annual Manager of the Year awards. Candidates are nominated by their supervisors, colleagues, and the like for their superb customer service skills,...

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27 May, 2019

A Cut Above - The 2019 Managers Of The Year

Similar to star triathletes, the best self-storage managers have the necessary skills to conquer various territories—on site, off site, and in cyber space. From customer service and sales to property maintenance and marketing, they know that focusing on...

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27 May, 2017

2017 Manager Of The Year - Ambitious Aces

Facility Managers With Stars In Their Cards

On a daily basis, self-storage managers have a full deck of duties on their hands. From customer service and facility maintenance to landscaping and marketing—and everything in between—there’s a never-ending...

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27 May, 2016

The Industry’s Finest - 2016 Manager Of The Year

With a seemingly never-ending To-Do list and the need for top-notch customer service skills, the position of self-storage manager is not a job for the faint of heart. Case in point: In a single day a property manager may have to handle an irate tenant...

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1 May, 2015

The Industry’s Shining Stars - 2015 Manager Of The Year Winners

Each year, MiniCo Publishing receives a substantial amount of submissions for Self-Storage Now!’s “Manager of the Year” contest. The magazine’s publisher and editors judiciously review the numerous nominations in order to select the three most...

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