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self storage fire

29 May, 2024

Hidden Dangers: How Lithium-ion Batteries Can Start Fires

From fireworks to firearms, many owner-operators prohibit potentially dangerous items from being...

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Self Storage Risk Management

16 Apr, 2024

Preparing for And Mitigating Risks: Crisis Management In Self-Storage

Owning or managing a self-storage facility comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, crisis...

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15 Aug, 2023

Pre-Planning & Managing Disasters To Minimize Loss And Stress

Fires, floods, hurricanes, burglaries and finding hazardous chemicals in storage units are just...

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chris betteridge

7 Aug, 2023

Who's Who In Self Storage: Chris Betteridge, Deans & Homer

Within the retail industry, protection plans are not new. It’s likely that a sales associate or...

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26 Jul, 2022

The Price Of Protection: Coverage Challenges Climb For Carriers And Policyholders

Insurance is one of the highest costs for self-storage facility owners. While it’s always subject...

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1 Sep, 2021

An Eye For Danger: Mitigating Risk In Self-Storage

When you hear the term “risk mitigation,” what comes to mind? “Mitigating risk is really about...

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4 May, 2021

Recipe For Disaster: Extreme Weather, COVID-19, And Rising Construction Costs

Natural disasters, COVID-19, and rising construction costs are proving to be the perfect storm,...

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13 Jul, 2020

Insurance for Weather Disasters & More | Mini-Storage Messenger

While the 2019 California wildfires caused less damage than the two previous seasons, a total of...

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1 Dec, 2019

Ella Tayrien, Insurance Expert, on Preparing for Bad Weather Conditions

December is here, bringing with it the possibility of wintry precipitation. And that possibility...

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1 Oct, 2019

Single-Source Insurance Protection

Inside MiniCo’s New Workers Compensation Program An employee tries to fix a stuck roll-up door and...

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1 Mar, 2019

The Importance of a Good Business Owner’s Policy

Recovering from a financial loss arising from a lawsuit or property damage can make it difficult...

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1 Apr, 2018

The Road To Recovery

Recuperating From 2017’s Natural Disasters Hurricanes Harvey and Irma inundated the Gulf Coast...

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2 Jan, 2018

Profitable Protection

Tenant Insurance Boosts Bottom Line It took the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas to...

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1 Dec, 2017

James Appleton, MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC, Director of Sales, Special Risk

When it comes to customers’ stored belongings, industry professionals jest that tenants store junk...

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1 Aug, 2017

Think Outside The Box!

Competing With On-Demand Storage Businesses While the concept of on-demand storage is not a new...

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1 May, 2017

Why Offering Tenant Insurance Is Good Customer Service

James Appleton, Director of Sales, Publishing & Special Risk, MiniCo Insurance Agency, LLC ...

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1 Feb, 2017

Insurance Update

Coming To Terms With Aging Storage Facilities As the self-storage industry matures, the...

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1 Nov, 2016

It’s Raining Claims!

Obtaining Adequate Roof Insurance The recent cycle of extreme weather has created havoc for...

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1 Oct, 2016

Protect From Peril

Fire Safety Improvements For Self-Storage Facilities In 2015, a website called Becoming Minimalist...

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1 Sep, 2016

Thinking Outside The Box

Insuring The Most Challenging Properties We have all seen the news reports of businesses and homes...

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1 Sep, 2016

Risk Management: Maintaining Roof Integrity

A focal point of self-storage facility maintenance is the integrity of the roof, especially with...

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1 Sep, 2016

Insuring Profits

Tenant Insurance Flows New Revenue Stream To Bottom Line As self-storage occupancy reaches...

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1 Sep, 2016

The Price Of Safety

Fire Code Sparks Costly Change In Charleston, S.C., a memorial, appropriately called the...

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1 Aug, 2016

Training Is The Key To Tenant Insurance Success

Tenant insurance is one of the oldest insurance products in the self-storage industry. Once viewed...

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risk management

1 Jun, 2016

Risk Management: Preventing Storage of Illegal Items

It was the most notorious crime associated with self-storage in history. On April 19, 1995,...

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1 Apr, 2016

Are You Protected?

Industry Specific Policies Safeguard Owners Against Mishaps, Litigation, And Disasters A manager...

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