• February 21, 2024

self storage rate hikes

31 Jan, 2024

Aggressive Rate Hikes 3: Without Data, We’re Just Rolling The Dice

By now, you have the background on REIT rate hikes, and you’ve seen what happened when we...

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self storage rates

24 Jan, 2024

Aggressive Rate Hikes 2: We Tried it. Here's What Happened.

The REITs new pricing strategy – lowering web rates and then implementing dramatic increases just a...

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mikey taylor self storage

23 Jan, 2024

Gleaming the Cube: Mikey Taylor's New Grind

In the 1989 film “Gleaming The Cube,” Brain Kelly, a 16-year-old skateboarder played by Christian...

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storage rate hikes

17 Jan, 2024

Aggressive Rate Hikes Part 1: How These Strategies Can Harm The Self-Storage Industry

The self storage industry is in a precarious position and it all has to do with pricing and...

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facility data

27 Dec, 2023

Understanding Facility Data: Don't Leave Money on the Table!

Imagine going into your doctor’s office and hearing medical jargon when they are giving you test...

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data sharing

27 Dec, 2023

Sync To Share: Arriving at the Data Sharing Era

In recent months, MSM has been highlighting the importance of data sharing in the self-storage...

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self storage pricing

7 Dec, 2023

How To Fight And Win The Self-Storage Pricing War

The self-storage industry experienced a surge in demand during the pandemic, but that robust growth...

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sustainable self storage

27 Nov, 2023

Going Green: 10 Ways to attract Eco-Conscious Younger Consumers

In August, a group of young environmental activists celebrated a trailblazing legal victory when...

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self storage data sharing

15 Nov, 2023

Sharing Is caring: 10 reasons to share your self storage data

“Sharing is caring” may sound like a lazy platitude, but when it comes to your data, sharing does...

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e-bike battery fires

31 Oct, 2023

Hidden Dangers: How E-Bikes & Lithium-ion Batteries Can Start Fires

From fireworks to firearms, many owner-operators prohibit potentially dangerous items from being...

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self storage discounts

20 Jun, 2023

10 Pitfalls of Self Storage Rental Rate Discounts

Does it make sense to offer rental rate discounts? That is the question every self-storage...

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7 Mar, 2023

What Is A “Virtual” Self-Storage Facility?

It is exciting to see the self-storage industry evolve to capture the growth of available...

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employee engagement

1 Nov, 2022

#1 Recession Mistake: Losing Focus on Employees and Customers

It seems like the question on most business owners’ minds at the moment is, “are we headed for a...

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11 Oct, 2022

Crucial Provisions: Settling Tenant Disputes In The Age Of Social Media

A self-storage facility, like all businesses, is subject to the risk of dissatisfied customers....

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13 Sep, 2022

The Conscious Self-Storage Model | Mini-Storage Messenger

“You either love self-storage or you don’t,” states Kari Kaltenborn, president of locally owned...

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13 Sep, 2022

Strenuous Staff: Dealing With Difficult Employees

Everyone has them, the employees who are difficult. Maybe they’re late each day, call in...

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7 Sep, 2022

A Preference For Plastic: Can Self-Storage Operators Make Their Facilities Cashless?

As more and more facilities move to contactless rentals and unmanned facilities, one of the...

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16 Aug, 2022

Trust Begets Loyalty: Returning To A Positive Experience

Is it just me, or has customer service become more complicated in the past few years? Customers...

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26 Jul, 2022

Building Your Brand: It's the DNA of Your Business

Close your eyes and imagine a Jeep. What do you see around it? People typically see Jeeps in the...

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29 Jun, 2022

Self Storage Supply Chain Challenges

Businesses are grappling with recurring supply chain issues in the wake of a rebounding American...

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31 May, 2022

The Occupancy Objective: Don’t Leave Money On The Table

There are so many urban legends that just will not die: the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and aliens...

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31 May, 2022

Focus On Commercial Tenants: Adding Profits To The Bottom Line

The self-storage industry has developed dozens of specialty products over the past decades to add...

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covid impacts self storage

29 Sep, 2021

Rental Rate Pressures During COVID-19

Unfortunately, as we sit here today, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. As a result, issues...

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9 Sep, 2021

Spotting Impaired Workers: Employers Tackle Costly Drug Misuse

The employee’s request had a certain degree of logic. He had just received a prescription for...

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Self Storage Data

24 Aug, 2021

Information Influx: Making Dollars And Sense Of Data

The dictionary defines data as “facts and statistics collected together for reference or...

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14 Jun, 2021

Neighborhood Start-Up: An Industry Disruptor or Passing Trend?

Neighbor Storage Inc. started with the simple premise that people with extra space in their homes,...

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14 Jun, 2021

Workplace Violence: How to Reduce the Risk of Tragedy

It’s a nightmare scenario that haunts every business owner: A troubled individual’s simmering...

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1 Apr, 2021

A Decade Of Growth: The Ascent Of Storage Asset Management

On May 20, 2020, Storage Asset Management (SAM), the largest privately owned third-party...

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4 Feb, 2021

Urban Exodus: Should Storage Shift To The Suburbs?

In March 2019, when the initial threat of COVID-19 became evident and mass lockdowns were ordered,...

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26 Jan, 2021

Hammer Time! Are Live Auctions Going, Going, Gone?

In 2019, Casey Jones, owner of BC Cole Auctioneers in Phoenix, Ariz., was thinking of adding an...

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