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Haviland Storage Services

7 Jun, 2024

Women In Self-Storage, Sue Haviland, Haviland Storage Services

According to McKinsey & Co’s “Women in the Workplace 2023” report, the number of women in C-suite...

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ginny stengel ssa

30 Apr, 2024

Women in Self-Storage: Ginny Stengel, SSA Education & Events

Formed in 1975, the Self Storage Association (SSA), a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization, has...

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rachel parham self storage

1 Mar, 2024

Women in self-storage: Rachel Parham, President of Noah’s Ark

1986 was a year filled with memorable firsts in the United States. The first federal Martin Luther...

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Angie Guerin MakoRabco

1 Mar, 2024

Women in self-storage: Angie Guerin, Executive VP, MakoRabco

Life is a gamble. We take risks without assurance that the outcomes of our actions or decisions...

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Amy Amideo AZSA

7 Feb, 2024

Women in Self-Storage: Amy Amideo, AZSA

For nearly 30 years, the Arizona Self-Storage Association (AZSA) has been strengthening the...

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CJ Stratte On The Move

1 Feb, 2024

Women in Self-Storage: CJ Stratte, President and CEO, On The Move, Inc.

Born into the self-storage industry, CJ Stratte, president and CEO of Boerne, Texas-based On The...

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carol mixon skilcheck

1 Jan, 2024

Women in Self-Storage: Carol Mixon, owner of SkilCheck Services, Inc.

A single phone call can change the course of your life. Just ask Carol Mixon, owner of Marana,...

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13 Dec, 2023

Women in self-storage: Liz Raun Schlesinger, CEO of Merit Hill Capital

Within the self-storage industry, there is one rags-to-riches story that everyone should applaud....

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ginny sutton tssa

21 Nov, 2023

Women in self-storage: Ginny Sutton, Executive director of tSSA

Did you know that only 35 percent of organizations have a formalized succession planning process...

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anne ballard self storage

3 Aug, 2023

Women In Self-Storage: Anne Ballard, Universal Storage Group

Anne Ballard is a lady who’s worn many hats in her lifetime, both figuratively and literally. Soon...

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