Leveraging Technology: Customer Experience Is King

Posted by msmessenger on Feb 12, 2021 12:00:00 AM

In the past, to find a self-storage unit you would:

  • Ask some friends or family,
  • Look it up in the phone book, or
  • Drive around and stop at the first site you see.

Today you can go online and review locations, prices, and availability all within a matter of minutes. Within a five-mile radius of our office there are 20 self-storage facilities listed online with similar options and pricing.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for self-storage facilities to differentiate themselves with an exceptional customer experience. That customer experience begins with a tenant’s first search or click online and continues all the way through to their on-site visits.

A tenant will consider many factors in their path-to-purchase. Each one is an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market.

  • Professionalism – Does the facility’s online presence look professional and trustworthy?
  • Security – Will my items be safe and protected? Does the site feel safe to me?
  • Cleanliness – Is the facility clean, well-lit, and updated?
  • Convenience – Can I navigate the facility easily? Do I get the information or answers I need quickly and easily?
  • Price – Am I getting a competitive rate?

However, customer experience doesn’t end at the sale. Creating an environment that fosters high-quality interactions and engagement after they sign up will lead to improved retention rates and positive brand sentiment.

The best way to turn your site’s customer experience into a competitive advantage is by leveraging the technologies available today.

Digital Marketing efforts help your facility stand out, both in the search process and in driving engagement through your website, social media accounts, etc.

An integrated access control system not only ensures that their items will be safe and secure but can also make tenant’s visit to the facility a breeze instead of a challenge. Reliable keypads, mobile access control apps, and automated electric locks increase convenience and improve brand loyalty.

A platform to monitor your operational efficiency empowers businesses to get proactive in managing elements of their customer experience, get real-time feedback on the state of your facility, and measure the business impact of your initiatives.

By leveraging technology facilities can create exceptional customer experiences all while improving operational efficiency and boosting their bottom line. When evaluating what steps to take in implementing new technologies, it’s important to remember that nothing can sour a customer’s experience quicker than when an interaction or technology fails to meet their expectations. It’s comparable to a new sports car that spends most of the time in the shop getting repairs. As facilities continue to incorporate automation and new technology into their business, it’s critical that everything works together seamlessly, is reliable, and is done with the customer’s experience in mind.

Owners and operators who are able to differentiate themselves with a best-in-class customer experience will not only improve customer acquisition but will also boost brand sentiment and loyalty, meaning a much more consistent and reliable revenue flow.