Email Marketing Made Easy: PTI CORE™ With Mailchimp™ Integration for Self-Storage Operations

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Oct 29, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Are you making the most of email in your self-storage operation? If not, you should be. Email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of 3,800 percent, according to Salesforce research. In other words, for every dollar invested in email, businesses earn an average of $38.

In the self-storage industry, business growth hinges on your ability to connect with the right customers at the right times. But since not all customers have the same needs and storage requirements, one-size-fits-all email messaging isn’t very effective. Without a first-rate email marketing platform, it can be difficult to track outcomes and connect with customers across their preferred social and digital channels.

PTI CORE with Mailchimp integration provides convenient access to one of the world’s most powerful email marketing platforms. Designed to meet the needs of self-storage owners and operators, PTI CORE with Mailchimp integration delivers improved visibility in customer communication and grows your bottom line by reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

PTI CORE and Mailchimp are a homerun for your self-storage business

With more than 6 billion emails sent from its platform each week, Mailchimp is widely regarded as a heavyweight in email marketing for growth-minded businesses. Mailchimp’s high deliverability rates, comprehensive features and ease of use make the platform an attractive choice for self-storage operators interested in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

As the self-storage industry’s leading cloud-based platform, PTI CORE lets you manage your entire operation from a single screen. By tapping into PTI CORE’s centralized data and reporting capabilities, Mailchimp integration provides around the clock access to the campaigns and metrics that determine the success of your email marketing program.

PTI CORE with Mailchimp integration reduces the cost of customer acquisition in several important ways, including:

  • Audience segmentation – Mailchimp lets you target email campaigns to specific groups (or segments) of customers. For example, you can easily create a segmented list of customers based on unit size and develop email campaigns that address their unique self-storage needs. Or you could identify email subscribers in a specific zip code who may be open to special offers.
  • Automated customer re-engagement – Every self-storage operation has a list of previous customers they haven’t heard from in a while. With Mailchimp integration, you can use the PTI CORE platform to automatically re-engage those customers after six months, a year or a custom time period you define.
  • Email tracking – Many email marketing programs fail to deliver the expected results because they don’t properly track email opens, clicks or other actions. With Mailchimp integration, PTI CORE tracks email outcomes and tells you who is subscribing (opting in) or unsubscribing from your mailing list. By understanding what subscribers do after they receive an email from your business, you can determine the types of emails that get the best results.
  • Google Analytics – Mailchimp’s Google Analytics integration takes email tracking a step further by reporting customers’ activity across the entire purchase journey. Built-in Google Analytics integration tracks the customer’s actions from the email to the point he places an order or requests a quote directly on your site. It also creates detailed campaign reports in your Google Analytics account, so you can evaluate the effectiveness of specific campaigns.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads – In addition to helping you create and manage marketing emails, Mailchimp automates the creation of Facebook and Instagram ads. Using the data contained in your Mailchimp platform, you can quickly identify the right audience segments and craft ads that resonate with those segments on Facebook and Instagram. Instead of guessing how to reach specific types of self-storage customers through social ads, Mailchimp on the PTI CORE platform does the hard work for you.
  • Direct mail – To reach customers via traditional direct mail campaigns, Mailchimp’s integration on the PTI CORE platform helps you create and track postcard campaigns for audiences based on interests, preferences or defined geographic territories. From postcard design to mailing, Mailchimp facilitates the creation and distribution of direct mail campaigns to individuals likely to purchase a unit in your facility.

Integration makes all the difference

In many ways, PTI CORE acts as a digital hub for your business – a central dashboard for all of your data, reporting and device management requirements. Although it’s possible to use Mailchimp independently from PTI CORE, integration makes the most sense for self-storage owners and operators.

Mailchimp integration takes advantage of the data that already exists in your system, eliminating the need to re-key customer email addresses on a new platform. When a customer’s contact information changes in PTI CORE, it automatically carries over to Mailchimp, so your email campaigns always use the most accurate information.

Additionally, by accessing Mailchimp as an integration on PTI CORE, you gain a centralized view of reporting. Instead of chasing down reports across a variety of accounts, you enjoy a convenient, single view of the results that matter to your operation. And because PTI CORE is a cloud-based platform, you can view the results of your email marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere.

The most successful self-storage operations rely on email marketing to stay ahead of the competition. But developing and executing effective email campaigns can be tricky. PTI CORE with Mailchimp integration streamlines the process and ensures you get the biggest bang for your email marketing dollars.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and let’s begin a conversation about how PTI CORE and Mailchimp can benefit your operation.