Anne Ballard Reports 20% More Revenue with OpenTech Call Center

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Feb 19, 2014 12:00:00 AM
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced that Top Operator, Universal Storage Group (USG), recently reported statistics on their portfolio of self storage properties that recognizes the impact of the INSOMNIAC™ Live! Call Center. “The OpenTech Call Center has contributed to an increase in revenue of about 20%. We see the call center as a bottom line benefit with a net effect to rentals each month, which helps us push our unit rates higher,” said Anne Ballard, President of Marketing, Training and Developmental Services at USG.
“On average, our largest store is producing 12 additional rentals per month through the call center,” said Ballard. Other properties average about 5-7 additional rentals monthly per store, resulting in a 14% same-store sales increase in 2013. “With the call center, we get more income from rentals, gain occupancy and raise rates when occupancies get higher,” said Ballard. Ballard even recommends call centers to her clients who are at or above 80% occupancy because never missing a call can add another 5 to 10%.
The unique INSOMNIAC Live! integration with SiteLink Web Edition at Ballard’s stores gives OpenTech Storage Counselors as much information as someone who is standing behind the counter. LiveAgent! software ensures that both tenants and prospective tenants are working with a facility representative rather than an answering service.
David Dixon, Chief Operating Officer at USG said, “We have supplied OpenTech with an extensive amount of data, including; competitive advantages, facility attributes, unit pricing, special rates and particulars about each store. In addition, with the two systems working together, we can track the call source of each call so we can measure our marketing programs. Since all call data is stored directly in SiteLink’s CRM module, when our managers follow up with callers they have all the information they need at their fingertips. And we can easily report on when each caller rents a unit. The technology allows the people in the call center to work hand in hand with our managers, so the callers get served as if they were right here onsite.”
“We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with Anne and her team. It is a great feeling to be contributing to the success of the USG properties and making her clients more money,” said Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech.

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