All Storage Redesigns Website and Rebrands Texas and Oklahoma Facilities

Posted by MiniCo on Sep 17, 2014 12:00:00 AM

All Storage Redesigns Website and Rebrands Texas and Oklahoma Facilities

All Storage, a self storage company with facilities in Texas and Oklahoma, is making headway on its company-wide rebrand that began at the start of the year. CEO Jay Schuminsky has big plans to develop new All Storage facilities. With community establishment and today’s renters in mind, Schuminsky wanted to utilize the opportunity to rebrand. “We wanted our brand’s image to be as good as our product,” he says. Before doing anything, Schuminsky defined specific obstacles he wanted to conquer. First, All Storage wanted to better publicize a premium feature that they have coined “ez drive thru access.” Renters drive their vehicles into the storage facility, where they are protected from the elements and can load and unload next to the front door of the unit. This feature combines the convenience of standard drive-up access with the ease, safety, and temperature consistency that climate control provides. Schuminsky emphasized his desire to inform All Storage leads about this desirable product type. Second, Schuminsky wanted to conjure up an image of premium storage for his tenants. Without communicating a higher price tag, All Storage’s rebranding needed to highlight that it provides a better storage product and better storage experience than its competition does. Once the vision was determined, the rebrand began to transform everything: the physical structure, the company atmosphere, and all print and web marketing. The rebranding has included a re-designed logo, the development of a new tagline, and a new welcome message on the website’s homepage. Additionally, Schuminsky has his eyes on all new marketing materials, including social media accounts, regular blogging, and brochures. The largest part of the rebrand has been the redesign of All Storage’s website, Since the beginning of the rebrand nearly seven months ago, Schuminsky has already seen positive effects. “Our organization is stronger now because we have a unified message and a more cohesive image.” All Storage has received more qualified job applicants than ever before due to the expanded publicity efforts. Schuminsky also noted that the rebrand has had a beneficial influence – even on facilities that aren’t receiving property upgrades. “Everybody needs a 2.0, and now our staff feels as fresh as our facilities,” says Schuminsky.
He argues that the website redesign was likely the largest propelling factor of the rebrand. StorageAhead, the leading web technology company in the self storage industry, has worked with All Storage since 2012. When Schuminsky expressed to his account manager, Beth Austin, that he was interested in a rebrand, she immediately arranged for Web Designer Rachael Heslop to tackle the project. The bulk of the redesign was a facelift to include more modern design trends, the updated branding, and a clean and fresh feel. Along with these cosmetic changes, the redesign needed to include mobile-friendly capabilities. “We are consistently surprised by how many customers find us from their mobile devices, so it was vital for our website to meet their needs,” says Schuminsky. He had his first design meeting with Heslop in June, and the redesigned site is set to launch in August – less than 60 days later. While Heslop toiled on the website redesign, Schuminsky worked diligently to implement stronger PR efforts. Together, their achievements provide a seamless experience for All Storage consumers. The customer experience – whether it’s at a facility or on the company website – emphasizes premium services. “Rachael did a great job with the redesign. We were looking for clean, sleek, and something that said ‘2014’.” The new website design is on par with some of the newest and nicest websites online today. According to Schuminsky, the excitement is only beginning. On the horizon, All Storage is looking for more ways to engage with today’s storage customer. Schuminsky is working on developing new facilities, renovating existing facilities, implementing social media campaigns, and incorporating more valuable services for All Storage customers. “The dark ages of dingy, first generation storage are over,” says Schuminsky. “We recognize that a rebrand of our company and website was the right move to make at this point in time to get that message out there.” With the proper image and online capabilities in place, All Storage is equipped to continue reaping success.

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