3 Common Self-Storage Fails (and How To Fix Them)

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 22, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Most businesses will, at some point, struggle to achieve their highest potential when it comes to appearances and the customer experience – unfortunately, self-storage facilities are no different. There are all types of #StorageFails, but the most important ones to avoid are those that negatively affect your tenants and their time at your store. Don’t worry, though! We’ve outlined the top 3 most common self-storage fails along with simple fixes that you can put to use. Let’s take a look:

  1. Ignoring aesthetics. Appearances matter to your potential customers, as well as current tenants. What message are you sending to the outside world with the look and feel of your facility? Does it look like a bland storefront? How are you setting yourself apart from the competition?

Consider investing in the outside of your building by planting flowers, shrubs, and installing faux doors. These simple elements can make a huge impact with the way passerby perceive your facility. Think about it: if you make a pointed effort to show that you value your own store enough to make aesthetic upgrades, your customers will notice (and your competition will be put on notice!).

  1. Not investing in climate control. Even though your storage units may appear on the outside to be secure against the elements, you’re not actually protected from destructive forces like humidity and temperature fluctuation. Without climate control, your tenants’ belongings are subject to things like mold, mildew, higher risk of pests, and potential warping from extreme temperatures. Being able to offer climate controlled units will increase your appeal to a wide variety of customers who have more fragile items to store, like electronics, antiques, photographs and more.
  2. Subpar security measures. When tenants rent a unit at your facility, they expect their items to stay safe and secure! The reality of the situation is that self-storage businesses are targeted by criminals every day – so what are you doing to protect your clients’ belongings?

A security strategy that just consists of putting up cameras isn’t a strategy at all. In order to really provide a safe environment for both your tenants and their belongings, you should consider investing in an overlock monitoring asset, such as the SecurGuard Wireless Smart Entry system. With features like constant entry point monitoring, authorized tenant access granting (and restriction), and Tesla batteries, you really will be offering your customers the highest level of security for themselves and their stored items.

Your facility has all the potential in the world! With just a little attention to detail and some simple upgrades, you can begin operating your store at its highest level of excellence. Need a little help getting there? The Janus International R3 Program has you covered. Click here to watch Dave King of Wentworth Properties and Troy Bix, President of R3 for Janus discuss how facility maintenance and additions raises revenue and cap rates.