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NSA Storage Pros

5 Jun, 2024

National Storage Affiliates Internalization: PRO Perspectives

National Storage Affiliates Trust (NSA), the Colorado-headquartered REIT that owns, operates, and...

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self storage investing

29 Apr, 2024

4 Common Methods For Investing In Self-Storage

The self-storage industry offers an exceptional opportunity for investors looking for stable and...

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self storage investing

20 Mar, 2024

The Capital Stack: The Building Blocks of Self-Storage Investing

Navigating the world of self-storage investing can be an adventure. To find success, you need to...

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2 Aug, 2023

Self Storage: What the Wall Street Journal Got Wrong

In 2021, self storage was the darling of the Wall Street Journal, with the paper declaring the...

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21 Mar, 2023

Valuation for development, sales and acquisitions

What’s it worth? That’s the ultimate question when it comes to determining valuation for...

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Prime Group

31 Jan, 2023

Prime Group Closes Self-Storage Fund at Record $2.5B

Prime Group Holdings, LLC, a private equity real estate firm based in Saratoga Springs, NY, has...

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17 Jan, 2023

A Cloudy Forecast: Will A Volatile Interest Rate Climate Dampen Deals In 2023?

Predicting the movement of interest rates is like blowing on the dice before you toss them to the...

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20 Sep, 2022

Volumize Your Value: Fees As Alternative Revenue Streams

Admin fees, insurance, merchandise, late fees, other fees, charges, and add-on services—all of...

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16 Aug, 2022

Rally Support: Self-Storage Can Be The Best Use For Land

The way we live is continuously evolving. From the once sought out luxury mansions to the ongoing...

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28 Oct, 2021

Cap Rate Compression Continues - Newmark Investors Survey Q3 2021

The self-storage asset class is now generally considered CORE or CORE+ commercial real estate,...

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15 Sep, 2020

Strategy Shift: Structuring Transactions In The COVID Era

2020 has ushered in a dramatically different landscape for not only the self-storage industry but...

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1 Oct, 2018

Stop – Do Not Pass Go Without a Feasibility Study | MSM

In the game of Monopoly, players move their piece around the board in an attempt to purchase as...

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1 Aug, 2018

The Valuation Question:

Cash Flow Or Cap Rates In the commercial real estate world, most investors apply value to a...

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1 May, 2018

The Interest Rate Factor

Where Are Values Headed? By Dale C. Eisenman, CCIM, and Michael Morrison After a period of high...

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1 Apr, 2018

Q4 2017

Self-Storage Investor Survey By Kate Spencer and Greg Wells The survey data was collected as part...

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1 Mar, 2018

Self-Storage & Wall Street

Cash Is Flowing! The self-storage industry presented two faces throughout 2017. On one side,...

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1 Feb, 2018

Influx Of Capital

A New Class Of Investors Since the Great Recession, the self-storage sector has grown by leaps...

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2 Jan, 2018

Decelerating Performance

2018 To Bring Sustainable Growth Rates And Realistic Expectations The perception of the...

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1 Sep, 2017

The Irony Of Cap Rates

Objective Value Is A Matter Of PerspectiveBy Adam Karnes A capitalization rate, or cap rate, is a...

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1 Sep, 2017

Self-Storage Investor Survey

Second Quarter 2017 The survey data was collected as part of an online questionnaire that was sent...

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1 Nov, 2016

Maintaining Your Lease-Up Schedule

Best Practices To Stay On Track Self-storage owners dream of the moment they conquer their...

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1 Sep, 2016

Buy Or Build?

Investment Insight For The Best Deals Back in the spring of this year, Sovran Self Storage, Inc.,...

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1 Sep, 2016

The Results Are In!

2016 Investor Survey At the beginning of April 2016, Cushman & Wakefield conducted an investor...

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