Trachte Increases Capacity to Adapt to Growing Demand

Posted by MiniCo on Mar 13, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Trachte Increases Capacity to Adapt to Growing Demand

To keep pace with rising demand, Trachte Building Systems is pleased to announce the hiring of additional engineering staff and the purchase of new manufacturing equipment.

Matt Weidner (Engineering Manager) and

Jerry Neis (Senior Engineering Technician) have rejoined the Trachte Engineering team, after absences of about 4 and 2 years respectively. Weidner will lead a team dedicated to designing and listing multistory and other more complex structures for Trachte clients.

On the shop floor, a new muratec turret punch press has been installed to decrease fabrication time and increase capacity. The new machine will reduce downtime and operates faster than the machine that it replaces. It is used primarily to fabricate Trachte’s smooth 18 gauge jambs and headers.

Trachte Building Systems, the leading manufacturer and supplier in the self-storage industry, markets and erects a full-line of pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings and portable storage containers.

About Trachte Building Systems

Trachte Building Systems designs, manufactures, and erects a full line of durable, pre-engineered and customized steel self-storage systems, including single and multi-story, portable storage, interior partition and corridor, and boat/RV. Trachte is committed to helping owners make informed decisions with our knowledgeable sales team who offers advice every step of the way. This commitment, along with 113 years of manufacturing experience, has given the company a leading edge in the self-storage industry.

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