Self Service EXPERTS Enhance Online Rental/Payment Solution

Posted by MiniCo on Jan 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Self Service EXPERTS Enhance Online Rental/Payment Solution

OpenTech Alliance Inc. announced the release of INSOMNIAC™ Online V2, an enhanced version of their web/mobile rental and payment solution that comes with a new pay per rental pricing model. Since its launch in 2012, hundreds of self storage facilities have been using the cloud-based service and the results have been extraordinary ( click here for a free demonstration).

“Our website visitors are responding quickly to the online rental feature. They are serving themselves and we are getting immediate revenue,” said Megan Maple, Owner of Do-It Yourself Storage in Dandridge, Tennessee. “We feel INSOMNIAC Online is a real competitive advantage. During the month of November, we captured 6 new rentals straight from our website,” added Megan.

For the past 10 years OpenTech has pioneered self service rentals, payments, and customer service in the self storage industry with their on-site self service kiosks. The knowledge they have gained developing, supporting and enhancing self service technologies qualifies them as experts in the self service rental arena (on-site, over the phone, online or via mobile devices), no other company comes close.

OpenTech’s strategy is not to be a website development vendor that typically has expertise in SEO, digital marketing, graphics, etc., but instead they focus on e-commerce, PCI Compliance, fraud protection, identity verification, merchandise sales, customized lease package creation, secure document management, access control system integration, and the rental process experience.

“From an online shopper’s perspective, when they enter a facility’s web/mobile site, is it is the same as if they entered the front door of the facility office, except they may be in their underwear. Not having a way for them to do what they came there to do (really rent a unit), may cause them to move on to a competitor’s online office,” stated Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech. “I am not saying everyone wants to rent a storage unit online without visiting the property, but there are some people that buy cars, shoes, jewelry, and even find their soul-mate online. These people do it ALL online, so renting a storage unit will seem pretty natural to them.”

Enhancements include:

• Simple user interface that delivers a memorable experience

• Real-time inventory control settings & sales features that allow facilities to strategically market available units through a number of techniques including; size, type, price or level of occupancy

• Dynamic lease creation which collects specific information for addendums/waivers that are incorporated into the final lease package

• Channel specific pricing, coupon codes and customizable survey questions

• Social Media reviews and posting

• Stored goods insurance or protection policies

• Ability to pre-purchase merchandise (to be picked up in the office)

• Option to setup auto-pay during rental process

• The ability to provide consumers with access codes configured for specific gate time zones

INSOMNIAC Online integrates with all the leading property management software and access control systems, so your managers do not have to constantly go thru the process of manually shifting units around into different categories just so they show up on the website. The cost of the service is $25 per rental, the value of the service is priceless.

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc

Celebrating a Decade of Service to Self Storage, OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated Kiosks and Call Center services, the INSOMNIAC brand has become synonymous with self-storage. The company offers a wide-range of self storage rental solutions that increase revenues and improves customer convenience while decreasing operating costs and workload. A place to find reliable, around-the-clock support is what OpenTech has come to be for thousands of self storage owners world-wide. For additional information, please click or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 742-9370.