William Warren Group Report Highlights Environmental & Social Goals

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 26, 2024 5:37:43 PM

William Warren Group (WWG), owner of the StorQuest Self Storage brand, rolled out its inaugural Impact Report, highlighting the company's progress across Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars and its strategies in building toward a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future.


In the report, the company announces a series of initiatives and commitments to build upon its progress to date in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; reducing energy, water, and waste; and enhancing workforce diversity. It also unveiled a new strategic framework with the company's plans to accelerate ESG progress across the board.


"In sharing this report, we're committed to providing stakeholders with transparent information on our projects, practices, and policies," said Clark Porter, President of William Warren Group, which owns and operates StorQuest. "As a company, William Warren Group and StorQuest Self Storage are focused on innovating and building for the long term. Many of the strategies in the report provide the guidance with which we will move forward and create a foundation for our growth and success."


Watch Clark Porter discuss the ESG Impact Report


Highlights of the report include:

  • Achieving carbon neutrality: In 2022, WWG achieved an absolute reduction of more than 1,400 metric tons of CO2 emissions and equivalents from our managed portfolio compared with 2021, despite a 34.5% increase in gross floor area. Through decarbonization initiatives and the purchase of verified carbon offset credits, WWG has achieved carbon neutrality at the asset level since 2021. Total reductions for 2023 will be published in a report addendum.
  • Conserving resources: WWG established key targets to reduce its grid energy, natural gas, water, and GHG intensity by 5% year over year from their 2021 baseline. To bolster these efforts, WWG implemented a new, more accurate process for collecting and analyzing consumption data, with the goal of 100% data coverage across its portfolio by year's end.
  • Spearheading conservation pilots: WWG announced plans for new pilots focused on rainwater harvesting, heat mitigation, community shade creation, and community solar to promote resource efficiency, water conservation, and biodiversity, as well as increase access to low-cost renewable energy.
  • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI): WWG announced strategies for 2024 to help further embed DEI into its hiring and onboarding processes, daily work culture, and leadership pipeline.
  • Supporting environmental nonprofits: Through its StorQuest for a Cause program, WWG donated more than $109,000 to community partners like One Tree Planted, Friends of the LA River, and Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation from 2022 through Q2 2023. Since the report's writing, our 2022–2023 total has grown to more than $150,000.


To learn more about sustainability at WWG, visit the company sustainability page.


About William Warren Group

The William Warren Group, Inc. (WWG) is a privately held, entrepreneurial self storage development, acquisition, property and asset management company based in Santa Monica, CA. Since inception in 1994, the company's focus has been on investments in major metro markets across the United States that offer significant cash flow and long-term capital appreciation opportunities. To learn more, visit WilliamWarren.com.


About StorQuest® Self Storage

StorQuest Self Storage, StorQuest Express and StorQuest Economy Storage are registered trademarks, and owned assets of WWG's national portfolio of self storage facilities. The StorQuest family of brands deliver best-in-class customer support with simple, easy-to-use technology — built on a foundation that is focused on a guest-centric service approach. To learn more visit StorQuest.com.