Storelocal® Announces New Business Model for Self Storage Operators

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Mar 28, 2024 2:15:48 PM

Storelocal®, a membership organization dedicated to improving outcomes for self-storage operators, announced the launch of the Storelocal Storage Brand Licensing Program. Storelocal Storage is a unique business model designed to allow independently owned storage facilities to compete with much larger self-storage conglomerates.


Storelocal Storage leverages the 'power of more' by allowing individually-owned storage facilities to rebrand as Storelocal Storage with national brand recognition and SEO domain authority. The program includes 'operations-in-a-box', with everything from a complete brand kit, a dedicated team of SEO specialists, to an industry-leading tech stack powered by Tenant, Inc.


Storelocal Storage tested the business model over 3 years and quickly grew to 90 locations nationwide. Members are realizing significant value from their membership, including the strength of the brand, significant improvements in operational efficiency provided by the Tenant, Inc., software platform, improved digital marketing performance, and increases in storage rentals.


Dane Elefante, CEO of Platinum Storage Group, said, "We joined Storelocal Storage 2 years ago because we knew it was the only viable path to being competitive in the long term. The results have been incredible: We've seen increased organic search results, more leads through our Google Maps, and an incredible tech and marketing infrastructure that supports our greater operations."


Jesse Harmon VP of Marketing for Cedar Creek Capital, said, "We have 25 Storelocal Storage facilities, and since joining Storelocal Storage one year ago, we've seen a 300% increase in online conversions."


Although the self-storage industry has consistently been one of the top-performing and least volatile sectors in the real estate industry, it has become highly competitive, and can be extremely difficult for a smaller storage operator to compete with much larger companies. The Storelocal Storage business model was created to help individual storage owners with portfolios ranging in size from 1 to 50 stores compete with much larger entities.


"We founded this business model because we, ourselves, were storage owners who did not want to stand back and watch massive publicly traded entities squeeze out thousands of smaller operators who didn't have the resources to compete. We're providing those very resources, and utilizing the power of numbers to make individual facilities more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive than they could be on their own," said Travis Morrow, CEO of Storelocal Storage.


About Storelocal Storage

Storelocal is a membership organization created to empower independent self-storage owners and operators to increase their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Storelocal members gain access to a multitude of discounts, enabling them to lower operational costs and increase profits through access to best-in-class products and services, in-house technology development, and vendor partnerships.


In addition to membership, Storelocal offers the ability to join the Storelocal Storage brand licensing program, which offers self-storage owners a complete Ops-in-a-Box platform, including Tenant, Inc.'s state-of-the-art property management software, branding elements, and storage rental websites on the domain with recognized domain authority.


With more than 1,500 members and a real estate value worth more than $10 billion, Storelocal is stronger than ever.