StoreEase/Go Store It Accelerate Deployment Of SaaS Platform

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jan 12, 2024 11:02:39 AM

StoreEase and Go Store It have announced an expanded rollout of StoreEase’s Virtual Technology solution. This comes just months after an initial pilot period in Q4 2023, a testament to the immediate impact StoreEase has had on both customer experience and operational efficiency. Go Store It Virtual Managers®, located at the company’s corporate offices in Charleston, SC, proactively greet and assist customers face to face in each property’s rental office, while physical managers handle behind-the-scenes tasks at multiple facilities.


"StoreEase's technology is best-in-class," says Beau Agnello, COO of Go Store It. “Early trends show a dramatic rise in customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs. The extended hours of operation, improved customer experience, and data-driven insights lead to one thing: more rentals. We firmly believe that this is the future of our industry.”


Josh Boyd CEO of StoreEase said, “The speed at which our first SaaS partners are realizing the value in the virtual model is a testament to the synergistic power of their operational teams and the StoreEase technology stack. StoreEase is also programmatically supporting Go Store It’s transition to Virtual Management to reduce the learning curve and streamline the optimization of their day-to-day management. This is not a niche market; this is the future operating model of the self-storage industry and the data we are collecting to support this shift is invaluable.” 


The expansion of the partnership between StoreEase and Go Store It will commence in February.