StorageMart Brings New Life to Historic Building in Brighton, UK

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Dec 12, 2023 11:38:49 AM

StorageMart has announced that it will enhance the urban landscape in Brighton in the United Kingdom by transforming a forgotten historic site into a state-of-the-art storage facility, set to open in the spring of 2024.


Previously a hosiery factory, named a "Glass Palace of Industry" by The Press, and once opened with great fanfare by a world-famous ballerina, the building holds a rich history within the community but had gone unused in recent decades, turned into a scrapyard, and had become "an eyesore to the landscape."


The building opened in 1957 and was an instant architectural marvel renowned for its innovative use of glass, flooding the space with natural light and fostering a conducive work environment. Post-war, the Portslade factory employed 650 individuals, cementing its historical importance amongst the heavy industry that lined this arterial route in the City of Brighton and Hove.


StorageMart will take the historic building through a comprehensive transformation. The new location will feature modern video surveillance and access control systems, offering a range of sizes that will support the onward growth of the local cottage industries and established businesses alike.


Once complete, the area will be served by over 65,000 sqft of space spanning over 1,100 storage units for rent to the Brighton communities of Shoreham right through to Brighton and Hove, bringing new life to this historic building and the surrounding area it has served for more than six decades.


This modernization of the building aligns with StorageMart's commitment to green construction practices. Additionally, the property will be outfitted with energy efficient lighting systems and amenities, which are supportive of the local transport network to include future accommodations for EV charging stations.

Strategically located on Wellington Road, this expansion marks a significant addition to the StorageMart portfolio in the greater Brighton-Hove area. 


"In light of our thorough market analysis, we are fully assured of StorageMart's capacity to provide our customers with even more streamlined and efficient storage options. Our ambition is to continue to build upon our connections within this vibrant community, which is integral to our strategy for sustained expansion. This historic building is the perfect pallet to do just that." said Alex Burnam, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Acquisitions.


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