Storagely Integrates Calcumate 3D Size Calculator

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jun 6, 2024 2:36:44 PM

Storagely, the self-storage website solution that guarantees an increase in rentals through its platform, has integrated Calcumate, a leading 3D storage calculator (size guide), directly into its technology. The Calcumate functionality will be rolled out progressively to Storagely’s existing customers over the next six weeks. 


According to a Storagely press release, approximately 80% of self-storage tenants have never rented a unit before, often resulting in unnecessary stress and confusion during the rental process. The company states that because they are confused over which unit size to rent, they frequently will abandon their shopping cart, costing the facility a rental. With Calcumate, Storagely will now be able to allow prospective tenants to calculate which storage unit options will fit their belongings and visualize how they will fit inside. 


"The integration of Calcumate into Storagely’s booking flow has been carefully architected to ensure that only those prospects who are unsure of their size requirements need to use it, and those who do are pushed along in the buying process and shown only the units which will fit their belongings," reads the press release.


“Storagely is at the forefront of self-storage technology, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the online rental experience," says Storagely Founder and CEO Brian Leimone. "Our online rental checkout system is delivering 2-5 times more online rentals than previous websites, and by integrating Calcumate directly into the Storagely booking flow, we are making it even easier for website visitors to convert into paying customers. This innovation ultimately allows our customers to achieve greater success and profitability: it eliminates friction and anxiety, leading to increased rental conversions, increased occupancy, lower customer service costs and reduced unit transfers due to incorrect size choices.” 


"We are excited to partner with Calcumate to bring the easiest online rental system to the industry," said Christina Powell, Chief Revenue Officer of Storagely. 


“The Storagely team has worked hand-in-hand with us to combine our technologies in a considered way that utilizes Calcumate’s most advanced features to the benefit of self storage companies and the end users of their websites," adds Calcumate CEO Ross Metherell. "We are proud to support Storagely’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation as they rapidly expand their customer base in the US and beyond.” 


More details of the integration will be made available on Storagely’s website at