SpiderDoor Now Offers Overlocking Storage Unit Solutions

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Feb 29, 2024 11:36:34 AM

For self-storage operators needing to overlock delinquent tenants at their facilities, SpiderDoor now offers comprehensive unit overlocking solutions. SpiderDoor’s overlocking solutions enable tenants to request their lock code via their mobile device at any time. Once a lock has been assigned to a delinquent unit, SpiderDoor promptly sends out a pre-text message. Following full payment of their bill, Spiderdoor dispatches a post-text message and email notification containing the unlock code.


Existing SpiderDoor users can take advantage of these delinquency management tools at no extra cost. Non-SpiderDoor users can gain access to all the overlock features for just $10 per location. For more information about Spiderlock’s security and access control products, visit www.spiderdoor.com