Spartan Investment Group Closes Three Deals in Growth Fund

Posted by Admin on Aug 31, 2023 12:00:00 AM

GOLDEN, Colo. Spartan Investment Group (Spartan), a Colorado-based privately held real estate investment firm specializing in self-storage, announced the closing of three self-storage deals in the firm’s Growth Fund. Spartan CIO, Ryan Gibson, made the announcement.

“At a time when it is challenging to secure loans, find equity, or fund new construction, we’re forging ahead in a strategic direction with our deals,” said Gibson. “We are thrilled to add these three deals to our Growth Fund portfolio as they are all in fast-growing markets with the opportunity to add value, and thus, develop strong returns for our investors.”

Spartan Belleview Florida The Belleview, Florida, location is a 4.63-acre lot in an area boasting significant demand for storage. The Spartan team plans to kick off ground-up development of a 550-unit facility this month to provide much-needed storage to the undersupplied market.



Spartan Pearidge The Pea Ridge, Ark. location, known as FreeUp Storage Pea Ridge,  is an existing self-storage facility covering 15.21 acres. The Spartan team has owned and operated this asset for three and a half years and is recapitalizing the asset into the Spartan Storage Growth Fund. The firm plans to add 27,000 square feet of supplemental storage to the property to increase value and meet the demand of the vibrant market.



Spartan Kingsland GA The Kingsland, Ga. location is a brand new Class A facility with 333 units and more than 30,000 rentable square feet. The Spartan team will transition the property into the FreeUp Storage brand, the national banner in which Spartan manages its 66-property portfolio, and expects to expand the facility’s footprint by an additional 20,000 square feet.




Backed by Spartan’s excellent track record in ground-up development, the Spartan Growth Fund is a $45 million fund focused on ground-up development opportunities and the purchase of existing self-storage facilities with significant upside potential.

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