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Posted by Admin on Sep 13, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Self Storage Manager, Inc. Total Solutions Provider for the self-storage industry and developer of Self Storage Manager (SSM), today announced that SmartStop Self Storage, REIT, Inc. (“SmartStop”), a self-managed and fully integrated self storage company with 170+ properties in USA and Canada has commenced rolling out the new cloud version of Self Storage Manager (“SSM Cloud”) across their stores and successfully implemented SSM Cloud at 70 properties, with the roll out to remaining 100+ properties planned to be completed in the next two months. SmartStop was recently recognized as the top 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year annualized total return performer among Lifecycle REITs in the summer 2022 issue of THE IPA/STANGER MONITOR™.

“SmartStop has an aggressive technology roadmap to support the continued evolution and growth of its platform,” said H. Michael Schwartz, Chairman and CEO of SmartStop. He further added “With a portfolio approaching 200 properties in Canada and the United States, we needed a partner and a system that could help us realize the innovation we were pursuing and work at a large enterprise scale. The SSM Cloud platform brought the experience of the legacy SSM platform while incorporating a more modern technology stack and application programming interfaces (APIs). Through a unique partnership, the SmartStop and SSM teams worked together to develop a platform to help us advance our capabilities in revenue management, digital advertising, distributed call center, and an integrated sales process. SmartStop is proud to work with the SSM team and looks forward to continuing the partnership to enhance the SSM Cloud system.”

According to Kat Shenoy, Chairman and CEO of Self Storage Manager, Inc. “We are delighted to partner with SmartStop, fulfill the technology vision created by H. Michael Schwartz and assist in SmartStop’s ambitious growth plans. We appreciate the active involvement of Joe Robinson, COO of SmartStop, who worked very closely with SSM project team in developing the road map for a series of product enhancements and also the entire SmartStop operations team that played a major role in beta testing and piloting the new Cloud version and providing valuable feedback,” said Kat Shenoy, Chairman and CEO of Self Storage Manager, Inc. He further added, “With over 100 technical professionals and 250+ years of combined self-storage domain expertise, we are well positioned to continue enhancing SSM Cloud, in collaboration with SmartStop and other large operators and drive technology invocation, in a way it benefits the entire storage industry. Excellent support from SmartStop and other industry leaders has further motivated us to stay independent for many more years to come and provide storage operators that are unhappy with their current software an alternate enterprise class solution that is secure and scalable, with the flexibility to integrate to third-party service providers of their choice.”

About SmartStop Self Storage REIT, Inc. (SmartStop):

SmartStop is a self-managed REIT with a fully integrated operations team of approximately 450 self storage professionals focused on growing the SmartStop® Self Storage brand. SmartStop, through its indirect subsidiary SmartStop REIT Advisors, LLC, also sponsors other self storage programs. As of August 23, 2022, SmartStop has an owned or managed portfolio of 174 properties in 22 states and Ontario, Canada, comprising approximately 119,200 units and 13.5 million rentable square feet. SmartStop and its affiliates own or manage 19 operating self storage properties in the Greater Toronto Area, which total approximately 16,200 units and 1.6 million rentable square feet. Additional information regarding SmartStop is available at

About Self Storage Manager, Inc. (SSM):

Self Storage Manager, Inc. offers a complete suite of products and services that include Self Storage Manager™ – Comprehensive management software for single and multi-facility operators; Online Reservations and Rentals with Electronic Signature & Digital Storage of leases; e-CRM – Fully Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, designed specifically for the self-storage industry and multi-facility operators for creating inquiries, reservations, rentals, capture lead to rental conversion ratios, with interfaces to leading phone systems; Call Tracker module to monitor call recordings, capture valuable statistics including lead to rental conversion ratios, cost per lead, capture cost per lead, cost per rental & measure ROI on advertising campaigns; SSM Text Messenger – A cloud based automatic payment reminder and past due alerts system designed to reduce the manager’s time on collection calls; Customer Portal – A self-help interactive portal for customers to view their account history and balance, make payments, enable or disable autopay, schedule move-outs, update their contact information and more; Android Tablet/Mobile Phone based Site Walk Through & Work Order Management Module for site managers to perform lock checks, enter unit maintenance notes, mark units for move outs, create work orders for maintenance activities and much more; Other Interfaces – Business Intelligence and Analytics, API integration to leading website providers, call center service providers, revenue management service providers, online auctions, tenant insurance companies, cloud based gate systems and lead aggregators; 24/7 Customer Support – with Dedicated Team and Project Manager assigned for large operator implementations, as well as periodic upgrades to the software programs.

Self Storage Manager has been implemented by many single and multi-facility companies in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please contact Self Storage Manager, Inc. at 800-469-1740 Ext. 1, or by visiting or email us at