Self-Storage Thief Steals From Children's Charity

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jun 5, 2024 8:50:47 PM

Does it get much worse than a self-storage thief? Possibly one who steals from a charity.


Fernando Mora, who founded a non-profit organization called Mora-Vation in 2013, is the most recent victim of a self-storage theft at the iStore facility he rents from. The non-profit focuses on charitable deeds and has gifted over 10,000 toys and 1,000 bikes to less fortunate children. Within the last two year, it has also gifted nearly 1000 medical braces.  


“We had about eight to 10 canopies... about 10 tables and 12 folding chairs. It wasn’t a lot, but it was ours," says Mora.


Since January, police have received 50 calls to the property, located on the south side of San Antonio. While some of the calls were over a disturbance or a suspicious vehicle, most were burglary related.


Mora also fears the thief – or thieves – will come back. “They put their own lock on the outside [after breaking in], which makes me think [they intended to] come back later for the rest," he says, adding that he has filed a police report but that the crooks have yet to be caught.


Continues Mora, "I know there's people out there that just lock [their unit] and leave it there for months, maybe years, and just pay their monthly dues. But you may want to check up on it and make sure no one is messing with your personal property."


Good advice from someone simply trying to do good.