Self-Storage Ninjas Offers New Market Studies

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Jan 10, 2024 10:10:22 AM

Katherine D’Agostino, founder and owner of Self-Storage Ninjas, now offers market studies and feasibility studies about flex warehouse facilities and storage condos to help developers determine the viability of those options.


“Flex warehouse space (AKA light industrial space, contractor bays, and contractor garages) and storage condos are a natural business offshoot for self-storage and boat and RV storage facility developers,” says D’Agostino. “Though much of the supporting data, and tenants or buyers, are different than their self-storage and boat and RV storage counterparts, our meticulous assessment of the market and through development recommendations allow you to proceed with confidence.”


When developments are deemed viable, D’Agostino provides an operations and construction budget that includes a pricing model, projections for lease-up cash flow, and proforma. The unbiased report from an independent, third-party expert can help developers secure a loan by providing confidence about the project to the bank or lender. For more information, visit