PTI Security Systems Offering Live Call-in Support | MSM

Posted by Admin on Jun 28, 2023 12:00:00 AM

PTI Security Systems has just announced that they will be offering live call-in support to all customers. In a statement, PTI wrote, “With self-storage shifting to all things digital, the risk of running into technical issues increases. We understand how seemingly minor issues can impact your facility’s bottom line. Our North America-based team of technical support specialists are ready to help get you back up and running with minimal inconvenience.”

Live PTI security systems staff will be available by phone at 866-240-7602 Monday-Friday, from 10am – 7pm EST. Customers are asked to have this customer pin number ready. To learn more, visit the PTI Help Center.

For those interested in learning more about PTI’s fully integrated systems, the company is also hosting a training series designed to help you operate your facility more efficiently while increase your access control capabilities. To access the library of training courses, complete a form in the online PTI Training Center.