Metro Storage expands Green Initiative with solar panels

Posted by Modern Storage Media on May 1, 2024 9:52:43 AM

Metro Storage LLC has announced it is expanding its Green Initiative by investing in rooftop solar energy panels at select Metro Self Storage locations. The privately owned, international storage solutions provider currently has 19 solar projects completed, under construction, or under agreement. When the current projects are finalized, Metro estimates the solar installations will generate 7.0 million kWh of clean, renewable energy annually, accounting for 50% of the company's electrical consumption.


To determine the best locations to install the rooftop solar paneling, Nick Gerou, CIO of Metro Storage, said, "We looked at our stores, which are located in states that have favorable policies and incentives for solar power installations."


Besides its growing solar energy programs, Metro's Green Initiative includes retrofitting properties with LED bulbs, installing motion-activated light systems, reducing water consumption, and developing new properties utilizing tilt-up construction.


"Over the next three to five years, our goal is to have rooftop solar installations that produce as much electricity as our portfolio of properties use," says Gerou.