MakoRabco Announces New Safety Division

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Nov 7, 2023 10:41:17 AM

MakoRabco has announced the inception of its brand-new Safety Division designed to ensure the highest safety standards in the industry. Leading the new division is Dawn Doyle, Director of Risk Management and Culture, who has been a part of the MakoRabco team since 2019.


According to the company, the complexities of the self storage sector means that overlooking safety can be risky and costly, and one wrong move could lead to unexpected accidents and injury, loss of trust, hefty regulatory fine, and tarnished reputations.  


The new MakoRabco Safety Division, going by the motto "Strong Voices, Safe Choices," is designed to eliminate these concerns by offering the following:


Training & Certifications

Comprehensive training programs that ensure MakoRabco subcontractors are informed and certified in top safety standards, tools, and equipment.


Bilingual Toolbox Talks

Essential safety topics are made available in both English and Spanish to ensuring clear communication for all MakoRabco team members and subcontractors.


On-Site Safety Experts

Experts will be actively inspecting and monitoring developments to ensure MakoRabco's commitment to safety is being employed on site.


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