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Posted by Admin on Apr 28, 2023 12:00:00 AM

PHOENIX (April 24, 2023) – For over thirty years, Arizona-based Universal Insurance Programs (UIP) has optimized insurance solutions for its clients. The company has earned a reputation for being a leading provider of insurance programs for niche markets including the self-storage, tanning, salon, and day spa industries. Since joining UIP in 1995, President and CEO Randy Tipton has steered the company and its partners to new levels of success. As UIP looks to the future, the executive team is pleased to name Jenny Bortman the new President and CEO, with Tipton moving into a new role as Chairman of the Board, effective May 1, 2023.

Over her 20-year career, Bortman has demonstrated effective leadership and innovative thinking. From her work in sales to her progressive marketing strategies, she has bolstered UIP’s growth even during periods of economic uncertainty. As Chief Operating Officer, Bortman has been responsible for managing customer service, sales, and business development and overseeing operations for the company’s growing team. Prior to joining UIP, Bortman gained valuable sales experience at Nestle Purina.

“Jenny was bred for this,” says Tipton. “She knows this business inside and out. My daughter embodies everything we stand for at Universal Insurance – collaboration, accountability, enthusiasm, and relentless loyalty. She has forged incredibly strong relationships with our partners over the past 15+ years. I have every confidence in her.”

Tipton says when the leadership team took on the executive search process, it was clear Bortman brought the skills, knowledge, and passion that made her the clear choice for the company’s new President and CEO.

“The success of this company and the people we support are of the utmost importance to me,” says Bortman. “As President, I’ll do everything I can to build on the legacy my mom has created. We’re not a small business any more, and the time is right for me to bring new ideas, and a fresh approach to our company’s next phase. It’s an honor to take on this role, and I’m looking forward to executing an exciting strategy for continued growth and innovation.”

Bortman says she aims to emphasize sustainable growth while maintaining the values that built UIP. She will bring a renewed focus on systems and technology, streamlining processes to create a better experience for clients, brokers, carriers, and team members.

About Universal Insurance Programs
Universal Insurance Programs (UIP) provides comprehensive insurance coverage to business professionals across the United States. The Arizona based firm was established in 1992 with the vision of providing specialized insurance programs to niche markets, including the self-storage, tanning, salon, and day spa industries. To this day, UIP has a passion to help business owners by offering uniquely tailored insurance products. Too often, entrepreneurs are overpaying for insurance while having major gaps in coverage. The specific insurance needs for niche markets are better placed with customized programs. UIP has a commitment to education and development in the insurance field as well as the specialty markets they represent. The staff at UIP travels nationally to attend trade shows, hold seminars, and assist with risk management techniques. Enthusiasm, collaboration, and relentless loyalty, and accountability provide the foundation for the success of UIP and its clients. Learn more at