XPS Solutions Launches New Automated/Integrated Pay-by-Phone tool for over 300 Businesses

Posted by MiniCo on Jun 28, 2012 12:00:00 AM

XPS Solutions Launches New Automated/Integrated Pay-by-Phone tool for over 300 Businesses

XPS Solutions has added another successful offering to its suite of self storage outsourced solutions. This time, it has rolled out an outsourced pay-by-phone solution powered by XPS’ proprietary ECHO platform and integrated with the property’s site management system.

The XPS Pay-by-Phone solution is a turn-key solution for independent small to mid-sized self storage operators allowing their business to collect rental payments from tenants securely by phone. Benefits of implementing this solution are many, including freeing the property management personnel from the phones to process payments and reducing the risk of fraudulent activity that happens when credit card numbers are exchanged over the phone. But the icing to the cake may be the fact that new revenue is being generated for each property by the incremental service fee the property can choose to levy for use of this service to its tenant. Each property can choose whether or not to add a service fee as well as control the amount of the charge. XPS went the extra mile and integrated with Site-Link, Centershift, QuikStor and Domico.

Pay by Phone, the first of its kind in the industry, is an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system that allows tenants to make secure payments over the telephone through a voice prompted teller.

“XPS Pay-by-Phone enables the independent operator to follow the strategy of the REITs by deploying a turn-key, secure payment processing system for rental payments. The goal is to reduce collections while providing better customer service.” said John Traver, CEO of XPS Solutions.

 XPS Solutions enables small to mid-sized independent operators with competitive solutions to compete for tenant market share. “XPS knows that in the current economic climate, every prospect counts and that a self storage company needs to be quick to adapt to changing customer needs such as these. That’s been our vision here and we continue to work close with our clients to meet their ever changing needs.” added Michael Roberts, Vice President of Business Development for XPS Solutions.

XPS Solutions provides best-in-class call center that also offers web solutions. The XPS suite of products captures and tracks new leads, lead sources and receives payment transactions through the use call center, web platform and IVR tools. XPS is integrated with most site management systems.

For inquiries please contact Michael Roberts @ Mroberts@xpsusa.com 972-865-4312.