West Coast Self-Storage Continues to Expand

Posted by Danielle Lachenauer on Jan 7, 2019 12:00:00 AM

West Coast Self-Storage Continues to Expand

December 18, 2018 – One of the Pacific Northwest region’s top self-storage providers is continuing to expand. West Coast Self-Storage, a self-storage property management, acquisition, and development company headquartered in Everett, WA, announced that they are opening five more storage facilities in the next three months.

The newly-constructed facilities under management include Anthem Self Storage in Everett, Washington and Kent Supreme Self Storage in Kent, Washington. These additions will bring to 40 the number of facilities that West Coast manages in Washington State. They also recently added Airport Self-Storage in Olympia as a new managed storage facility.

The three other newly-built storage facilities are West Coast branded and include West Coast Self-Storage 17th & McLoughlin in Portland, Oregon, West Coast Self-Storage Daly City in Daly City, California, and West Coast Self-Storage Dupont, in Dupont, Washington.

In total, the company currently has 55 managed and owned locations through the tri-state area. For the rest of 2019, West Coast has plans to build an additional three facilities, and is projecting to add at least eight to ten more managed facilities by years’ end.

John Eisenbarth, Vice President of Operations for the company, says the company is in a good position in the storage industry because of their track record of success. “As we’ve brought on new facilities, others owners have seen how we’ve been able to grow existing businesses and make them more profitable. They also see that we put forth an incredible amount of effort in training our people to be customer-first oriented and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of storage. We’re now getting a steady stream of owner operators that want to let us manage the business for them.”

Eisenbarth went on to say that it continues to be a challenge to find the caliber of employees that makes West Coast stand out among its peers. “We know there are a lot of choices for people looking for jobs right now. But we feel like we offer something that many places don’t—a real opportunity to move up in a growing company as well as a place that respects the whole person rather than just looking at them as a cog in the machine.” Eisenbarth said the company is adding benefits and increasing pay when possible to attract candidates.

West Coast Self-Storage was founded in 2006 by former employees of Shurgard Self Storage including Eisenbarth, President Jim McNamee, VP of Finance Mike Spaulding, and VP of Real Estate Steve Tangney. The company now has over 120 employees, with new people coming on board every day.

Derek Hines is a writer for West Coast Self-Storage. He writes extensively on all subjects related to self-storage. For more information, visit www.westcoastselfstorage.com.