Soars Past 100,000 Auctions Listed

Posted by Modern Storage Media on Dec 3, 2012 12:00:00 AM, America’s fastest growing website for self storage auction hunters, listed its 100,000th storage auction earlier in November. The site, which is less than two years old, has also amassed more bidder members than any other storage auction website on the internet. The company recently launched an educational video series to pickers, auction hunters and garage sale resellers. As part of the launch, Dan and Laura Dotson, Storage Wars stars and founders of American Auctioneers, sponsored scholarships for dozens of trainees. The Storage Treasures Pro Training program will be accepting new trainees soon, those interested should visit:

“When we look at that 100,000 auction number, more than anything we’re just thankful to our members, Storage Wars cast members, A&E Television, our partners and staff for making it happen,” said President and Founder Lance Watkins. “We’ve captured and democratized a market that was largely under the radar, and opened up a previously unknown career path to those looking for a way to make it through a tough economy. 100,000 is a great number, but we’re really just getting started as far as what we’ll be able to offer auction hunters, pickers and garage sale resellers. 2013 will be our biggest year yet.”

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