Posted by Poppy Behrens on Apr 6, 2015 12:00:00 AM


Storage Stuff PR Coral Springs, FL (April 1, 2015) StorageStuff.Bid, a new online auction company, is the first fully licensed and bonded auction company to offer online auction listings to storage facility owners and operators. Rick Yonis, a Managing Member of StorageStuff.Bid said, “When we started doing research on this new business venture, it quickly became clear that legislation and judicial review were starting to catch up with technology. We knew that we needed to get authority from the governing bodies to operate without any disruption of service in the future.”

StorageStuff.Bid employs several auctioneers, one of which is the Principal Auctioneer. The Principal Auctioneer is licensed by every state that has auctioneer licensing requirements. StorageStuff.Bid has also acquired bonds for each state that requires it. The company currently operates as an auction business in the state of Florida, but has several auction company/firm licenses pending in other states. Being licensed also allows StorageStuff.Bid to advertise sales on, an auction listing site only for licensed auctioneers. All of their license information can be found at www.StorageStuff.Bid.

In addition to being overseen by licensed auctioneers, the website offers many other unique features. Each account on StorageStuff.Bid has a hierarchal user management that allows operators of all sizes to assign permissions of use to each member of their team. The website is also a responsive website, which means that it will be fully operational on tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices. This also allows facility operators to upload photos and unit information directly from their mobile device.

The most exceptional aspect of the StorageStuff.Bid team is the level of experience and support they provide. The team at StorageStuff.Bid has experience in all areas of self storage. They have experience in storage operations to assist you in the lien and foreclosure process. Their licensed, experienced storage auctioneers can assist you with the best policies and procedures relating to auctions. Finally, their technology team has experience specializing in self storage needs.

StorageStuff.Bid will be making its official debut at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, April 7-9, 2015, Booth 509.

StorageStuff.Bid is made up of a combination of self-storage owners, self-storage licensed and experienced auctioneers, and a team of technology partners that specialize in internet marketing and web design. Together, they have over 75 years experience in the self storage industry. Call them at 877-758-4243 or visit them online at www.StorageStuff.Bid.