Stop & Stor’s Packing Tips for College Students

Posted by MiniCo on Apr 23, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Stop & Stor’s Packing Tips for College Students

In a few short months, they have to pack (again) because they are coming back.

Moms and dads who feel like they just sent their kids to college know full well, that in a few short months, they will be back where they started last fall – packing.

“Organizing your belongings and being smart in how you pack them is easy if you have a plan. The main goal is to pack them in a way that they are easy to store, easy to access if necessary, and safely protected from damages,” said Jeff Henick, Chief Operating Officer of Stop & Stor. “There is a way to pack to maximize the way you store your belongings whether you store them in units we provide or even your own attic, garage, or spare room,” continued Henick.

Some helpful packing tips from Stop & Stor:

•Mirrors, pictures, and other delicate items should be wrapped, packed in cardboard and marked fragile. •Night tables, and other unwieldy pieces should be disassembled, and stood on their ends when possible to save space. Secure all doors and draws to keep from opening. •If you brought a small refrigerator to college, keep the doors of it slightly ajar, with an open box of baking soda inside to keep it smelling fresh. •Use furniture or items you bought specifically for your college room such as a hamper or under the bed storage boxes to store items such as pictures, and other small items you won’t need while you are home. •Take an inventory of what you are storing and keep it in a safe place. Label each storage box on all sides. •Place items that you will need access to in the front of the storage unit or wherever you are storing your items. Place heavier items on the bottom. Leave a center aisle for access.

About Stop & Stor

More than two decades ago, two families (the Henick and Simon families) in the real estate business sensed a need in our community. Twenty-five years later their business acumen and commitment to providing a necessary and affordable self-storage service has enabled them to grow a business with over 70 employees, 15 locations, and all anchored on Staten Island through its corporate offices located in Willowbrook. Although Stop & Stor’s roots are in Staten Island, it has branched out and now has facilities in all of New York City’s boroughs with the exception of Manhattan.

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