Stop & Stor Explains the Importance of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Posted by MiniCo on Jul 25, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Stop & Stor Explains the Importance of Climate Controlled Storage Units

cropped-stopnstorelogo Self Storage rental units are available in a variety of sizes, prices and configurations, from lesser expensive outside storage units with single locks to indoor units that are climate controlled and monitored by surveillance video. Access to the indoor storage units is typically more restrictive, and thus, harder to break into, but they also offer the benefit if climate controlled environments which in some cases can mean the difference between preservation of your items of peril of your possessions! How Temperature and Moisture can Destroy Your Items: Severe swings in temperature or moisture can damage items stored in self storage units. Important documents, electronics, furniture, photographs, books, clothing, artwork and other valuable possessions can be destroyed if not properly protected. If you live or work in an area with these weather conditions, climate-controlled self storage units provide the ideal solution for all your storage needs. In most cases climate control systems help to maintain a steady temperature of 55–80° using central air conditioning and heat. Maintaining a controlled environment minimizes risk of damage to your possessions such as warping and cracking of wood, corrosion, mold or infestation of rodents or insects. The climate controlled environment of these buildings can also provide increased protection from dust, dirt and flooding. Things to Look for in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit: The first thing you should ask your storage advisor is whether or not they even offer climate controlled storage. Not all storage locations offer climate controlled self storage units. Next you need to consider how long you will need to use the storage unit. If it is a short amount of time, between 7-30 days a climate controlled unit may not be necessary. However if you plan on utilizing the self storage unit for an extended period of time, climate controlled units should be part of your consideration set. Because climate controlled units are typically housed in larger buildings free standing buildings, there are added benefits to utilizing them for your storage needs. By being inside there is a greater protection from intruders of all kinds, human, insect and weather. Climate controlled self storage, unlike outside units where crevices under the doors, and around the units, can draw in water and pests, the climate controlled units stay dry. Even if the temperature is not freezing every day, dramatic shifts in temperature will wreak havoc on sensitive and delicate items such as wood furniture, family pictures, electronics and musical instruments. Opting for a climate controlled self storage unit could help ensure that your belongings stay protected.

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