Social Media Content Ideas for Self Storage Facilities

Posted by Modern Storage Media on May 16, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Increase Self Storage Facility Occupancy with Social Media Strategy  


Social Media is one of the best ways to reach your target market. But as a business owner, you are already wearing so many hats. So how do you add social media marketing to your to-do list? Having a solid strategy for what you should post helps take the guesswork out of the task so you can do it efficiently. 

Follow this simple guide of content ideas and tips to put more eyes on your storage facility’s social media accounts.

Pick your Platforms

There are many social media platforms you can use to get the word out about your business. But don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to manage all of them. A good rule of thumb is to pick two platforms to learn well and use consistently. Once you have the hang of it, you can expand to more accounts.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for consumers to find, follow, and engage with businesses. Many people are even using Facebook and Instagram searches they way they would search for a business on Google, so those are great platforms to start with.

Twitter and Youtube are the next best platforms on the list for businesses. But they are completely different. Youtube is a designated video sharing website, while Twitter focuses on short captions, and a lot of them!

Make the Algorithms Happy

In social media, algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a users’ feed based on relevancy instead of publish time. That means if the algorithm finds your post to be of higher relevance and quality, the more it will be shown and the more reach (the total number of people who see your content) it will get. For an in-depth look at how this works, check out this article on Sprout Social.

Algorithms love videos, good lighting, clear faces, and just good content in any form that positively engages your audience. The engagement your post gets can boost its standing. This boost happens when users like, comment on, and share your posts.  

The ultimate goal is to post content that makes your target market engage with your business. Think of each post as a conversation starter! Provoke ideas, share helpful tips, and even ask them questions. Your content should convey a positive attitude with comfortable energy. Be professional, but personable in your language and tone.

What to Post on Storage Facility Social Media Accounts

Content can be endless. The key is to narrow it down and find the right ideas for your business, and more specifically, your customers. Here’s a quick list of social media post ideas that can be made through videos, photos, or graphics.

  1. Virtual Tours
    Show off your space and facility features, especially anything that has been updated. Pictures are great, video is better!
  2. Different Unit Sizes
    Help your tenants visualize the space in each unit and how their belongings might fit.
  3. Building or Remodeling
    If you're in the process of building or renovating, show your progress to create buzz. Use a timelapse effect to be extra eye-catching.
  4. Cleaning Process
  5. Show the work that goes into keeping your storage units super clean. A timelapse would work great for this too.
  6. Equipment How-to’s
    Demonstrate how to properly use locks, best ways to load your dollies and carts, etc.
  7. Helpful Tips
    Share helpful ideas for storage, packing, home organizing, moving, and such.
  8. Storage Supplies
    Spotlight what you sell in your retail center and even products you don’t carry but believe in.
  9. Answer FAQs
    Your customers will be grateful for easy-to-find answers to all their self storage questions.
  10. Auction Announcements
    Promote your sale and draw significant bids.
  11. Tenant Reviews
    Great reviews from your tenants are the best marketing.
  12. Contests
    Consider contests where one lucky tenant can get a month free. Promote it on social media to get people excited.
  13. Memes
    Make your tenants laugh with relatable jokes about storage and organizing. Have some fun with it (but don't get too cheeky!)
  14. Staff Spotlights
    Customers are loyal to the people behind a business. Show off the smiling faces in your office who are keeping your tenants happy.
  15. Charity Work
    Do you give back to the community? Highlight your efforts or show your team doing good, e.g. setting up a good drive, performing highway clean-up, and so on.

Write Great Social Media Captions

Imagery gets the initial attention, but you need well-written captions to seal the deal. Always double-check spelling and grammar. Use the same professional yet personable tone in your writing. 

Give your audience clear information and a reason to click on your website. Keep search engines in mind when writing by including keywords and topics popularly searched within your industry.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags are like categories, and using them properly will nab you views from potential customers beyond your followers. Pinpoint what your target market needs to find relevant hashtags. For example, your tenants are local, so find hashtags that are specific to your area or a particular event, e.g. HarperWoods5KRun.

Make the Most of Your Bio Information

Each social media platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your most important information in a Bio, or About section, at the top of your profile. Make sure to use it well! This is a great place to state your location, hours of operation, website, slogan, and what makes you stand above the competition. 

Don’t Give Up

Social Media is a long game. Consistently posting over time builds your credibility and customer trust. If you your account rarely posts, or suddenly goes silent, people will think you are no longer in business, or that you don’t take your business seriously enough to take the time to engage with them.

This is definitely a case of “slow and steady wins the race.” Post 2-4 times a week to build a constant presence without burning yourself out. 

Outsource the Work

A little extra effort goes a long way in presenting your best to the public and bringing in more tenants. But good marketing is also an industry in itself, involving photography, videography, copywriting, graphic design, and social media management. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the work, consider calling in the pros. 

Succeed with Self Storage Solutions from 6Storage

Social media marketing is an excellent tool for self storage owners to take advantage of. A few good ideas and a little creativity can have a big payoff by drawing in new tenants and establishing trust in your brand. 

Owning and operating self storage facilities requires a strong foundation in order to succeed. Accelerate achievements with smart self storage solutions. 

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