O’Neil Rebrands Cloud Records Management Services

Posted by MiniCo on Apr 9, 2013 12:00:00 AM

O’Neil Rebrands Cloud Records Management Services

Company names are very powerful things. They give you an idea as to what you can expect from an organization; whether they’ll be around when you need them; and if they’ll deliver what they promise.

O’Neil Software, The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide for over 30 years and its wholly owned subsidiary O’Neil DataTech LLC, a leading cloud provider of records storage and management services, continue to invest and expand their services to support the industry. Because the company is at the forefront of new cloud-based technology and to create a greater sense of brand unity, strength and reliability across its business, O’Neil is rebranding currently released and related cloud services as follows:

RMBridgeTM is now rebranded as oneilBridge (TM)

• oneilBridgeTM allows end users to manage their offsite assets (containers, file folders, tapes) at record centers utilizing O’Neil’s RS-SQL® directly from their Enterprise Content Management software application.

Connector Sync is now rebranded as oneilSync (TM)

• oneilSyncTM is the process of bi-directional synchronization of metadata between the record center and the cloud when utilizing oneilBridge.

“The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, which has enabled new opportunities to leverage the cloud for better collaboration, integration and mobility, while ensuring content security and compliance. The cloud is an agile environment which makes it well suited for world class records storage and management applications,” states Ian Thomas, Executive Vice-President of O’Neil Software.

“O’Neil has been dedicated to the development of cloud services for several years, to move the records storage and management industry forward to greater levels of efficiency and cost- effectiveness. Consistent with this and to prepare for additional future cloud offerings from O’Neil, we have decided to rebrand certain services,” adds Mr. Thomas.

About O’Neil Software

Committed to leading the industry for over 30 years, O’Neil has been the software and hardware solutioneers™ for over 1,000 record centers in more than 80 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. Regional coverage includes the Americas; Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific (APAC). For more information, visit their website at www.oneilsoft.com.

About O’Neil DataTech LLC

O’Neil DataTech is a provider of cloud-based commercial records management solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of O’Neil Software, Inc. For more information, visit their website at www.oneildatatech.com.