Natural Disasters Strike Colorado: Chelton Self Storage Reports No Damage to Customer's Storage Units

Posted by MiniCo on Jun 25, 2012 12:00:00 AM

Natural Disasters Strike Colorado: Chelton Self Storage Reports No Damage to Customer's Storage Units

Reliable storage units are hard to come by, but the units at Chelton Self Storage recently proved their worth after a powerful hailstorm struck last month and the Waldo Canyon Fire ignited this weekend in Colorado Springs. Despite the extensive damage to the city, Chelton Self Storage reports no damage to their large collection of storage units, which means that individuals who have anything stored at Chelton can rest assured that their belongings are well protected.

The storm, which contained golf ball sized hail, lasted approximately three hours and caused flash floods across the entire city. The storm was so severe that forty people had to be rescued, the majority of which were trapped in cars, and 911 reported over 600 emergency calls over the duration of the storm. Luckily, there were no deaths, injuries or self storage facility accidents to report, however there was massive damage to city infrastructure, including buildings, roads, and trees.

The storm and fire both bring harsh reminders to the residents of Colorado Springs that flood and fire insurance can even be necessities along the Front Range. Several homes are reporting extensive flood damage. Chelton has used this disaster to encourage individuals who have rented out units at any self storage facility to invest in a good insurance policy, especially those with auto or boat storage.

To further complicate matters, much of Colorado is currently under an Ozone Alert due to the low quality of the air in the state. The Ozone Alert was primarily caused by the High Park Fire, which is burning over 83,000 acres in northern Colorado. There are also several other wildfires throughout the state. Chelton Self Storage encourages anyone whose home is threatened by any of the wildfires over the state to look to a self storage facility to keep their belongings safe, as many Coloradans have already lost their homes. The High Park Fire is predicted to grow even more over the coming days due to high winds and low humidity, and officials urge Coloradans to stay inside to avoid breathing in the unhealthy fumes.

Chelton Self Storage is Colorado Springs’ best facility for storage rentals, including auto and boat storage. They are reputed for being the most affordable facility in town without sacrificing security or quality. If you are interested in renting storage units or boat storage, Chelton can be reached via their website at or by phone at 719.637.7545.