Mississauga Self Storage Goes Green with Solar Power Project

Posted by MiniCo on Nov 11, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Mississauga Self Storage Goes Green with Solar Power Project

There has been a slowly rising trend amongst self storage locations in Canada to install solar panels on their facilities. The government of Ontario has helped to speed up this process by introducing a Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) Program whereby building owners can install solar panels on their rooftops to create Green Energy, and feed in to the existing hydro grid. Secure Self Storage in Mississauga is taking full advantage of this green initiative.

The Mississauga storage facility is in the process of final design for such a system which will be installed in 2014. This system provides jobs to the to the Toronto suburb, takes advantage of natural sunlight and will be used to power homes in the immediate vicinity of the storage facility. Talk about giving back to the community.

“We love the fact that we will generate green electricity not only for ourselves but for our neighbors as well,” says Don Bannister, Regional Manager for the Toronto area. “Secure Self Storage is all about giving back to the community that supports our business.”

The install process involves solar panels being attached with a clamping system to the roof tops, and an inverter is wired to the panels and solar generated power is fed back into the electrical grid. A sophisticated metering system calculates and tracks hydro production through the year and the owner of the solar system is then paid monthly by the Ontario Power Authority for the electricity they have generated.

The Ontario FIT Program is designed to encourage innovative, alternative energy development that is environmentally friendly and safe. It provides a way to not only be helpful to the community and the environment but creates an addition revenue stream for the already top-notch Mississauga storage facility. The panels will even likely allow the Mississauga storage facility to lower their current low prices for self storage unit rentals.

While the process is lengthy and the cost of building the systems is high, Secure Self Storage in Mississauga feels that it is important to take a leadership role in being Green and they are excited to be contributing to this growing development.

Secure Self Storage has positioned itself as a responsible environmental steward and leader in the community that we serve. Their U.S. storage location in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has already undergone a similar Green upgrade. Plans are underway to upgrade the other Secure Self Storage locations as well.

Using solar energy has become an increasingly popular option that companies are taking to show they do care about the world that they live in. Mississauga Secure Self Storage is eager to be a leader in going Green.

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