Messenger Xtra: Are You Ready? The Way You Look at Sheet Doors is About to Change!

Posted by Poppy Behrens on May 18, 2014 12:00:00 AM

By TJ Kuehn

Curl-Lok, the latest innovation from sheet door manufacturer DBCI, is about to change the way you look at the rolling sheet door. Curl-Lok doors lock in place with engineered edges instead of the old seaming method, making it the only sheet door that can be quickly repaired on site without any specialty tools.

“This is a huge advancement for our customers,” says DBCI Vice President of Operations Larry Miller. “In the past, the only option for a damaged door was to either live with it or replace the entire thing. Now damaged panels can be changed out at significantly less cost.”

The advantages of Curl-Lok don’t end at the door. Shipping panels for repair work instead of an entire door will reduce associated freight costs and increase delivery speed. Replacement panels can also be stored on site, which will virtually eliminate down-time.

“Curl-Lok is simply a more cost-effective door solution for the self-storage industry,” DBCI General Manager Roc Hughes says. “It’s a convenient and efficient product that extends the life of a door and helps self-storage facilities remain profitable into the future.”

It’s also comforting to know that a move to Curl-Lok doesn’t have to be a sweeping transition. It is manufactured in every DBCI door series and maintains the same quality standards, so a facility can introduce this more cost-effective solution at its own pace.

Curl-Lok is the result of over three years of development and testing. “DBCI is a company that lives and breathes innovation,” says Bray Allen, R&D at DBCI. “We realized that one component of the rolling sheet door our industry has taken for granted is the curtain itself. We saw that as an opportunity. The result is an efficient and dependable door unlike anything else in its category.”

The new Curl-Lok slogan is “Change is Easy.” Very appropriate for a product that revolutionizes an industry and introduces an array of new benefits. In fact, change may never have been easier.

Interested parties can experience the new product at

TJ Kuehn is Marketing Brand Manager for DBCI.