Messenger Xtra: Need a New Revenue Stream?

Posted by Poppy Behrens on Aug 18, 2013 12:00:00 AM

AA Portable Storage Offers A Quality System With Low Startup Costs

Owners of established businesses looking for an extra source of revenue can turn an unused parking lot or a little land into another revenue stream without having to do any expensive building.
AA Portable Storage LLC is offering to share its patented and patent pending products, along with years of research, development, and tens of thousands invested, in what is one of the simplest and most cost effective portable storage systems on the market today among the finest portable storage units available. There are no franchise fees. It is your business.

AA Portable Storage started its development in 2003. With a constant, hands-on attitude, we have strived to improve our delivery system in every way from day one. Looking back at our early years, the system we offered then almost seems crude. But at the time, that system worked and it helped us establish a new business.

AA Portable Storage LLC has come a long way in developing a very employee friendly, customer friendly mobile delivery system that is second to none on the market today. Most importantly to the person considering getting into the portable storage business, the startup cost for the AA Portable Storage System is a fraction of the cost of other franchises, and again, it is your business with no franchise fees.
Starting years ago with hand operated dolly wheels and winch systems that pulled the units off and onto trailers, we found that the first system limited the delivery area for the portable storage units to where the units rolled off the trailer. Today, those hand operated dolly wheels have evolved into self-propelled hydraulic power units that securely attach to one end of the portable storage unit, and an electric over hydraulic set of dolly wheels that attaches to the opposite end.

The two components when attached to the portable storage unit give the unit unbelievable mobility with which you can place the portable storage unit in almost any location the customer requests. Over dirt, over gravel, up and down hills—you can go across all types of terrain. We have even delivered portable storage units in the snow (although it is not recommended).  

The unbelievable mobility of the system makes it extremely customer friendly. Homeowners who are remodeling their basements, for example, may want a unit in their back yards. No problem. You can drive the unit with the components attached behind the house if the terrain permits. No need to drive a big truck in the customer’s yard or attempt to back the corner of a home to position a trailer.

If the customer’s driveway is too small to unload, no problem. You can unload in the street and drive the portable storage unit itself into the driveway, remove the power unit from one end and the hydraulic wheels from the opposite end, load back onto the trailer, and your employee can go. When the two components are attached to the portable storage unit, the components together will turn around in its own length if need be.

AA Portable Storage has always strived to offer the best product available to its customers. While the versatility of our delivery system is extremely important to our customers, what our customers look at first is the quality of our portable storage units. The average person wants to store their belonging in a storage unit that is safe, secure, and weather proof. We take great pride in the quality of the storage units we offer. We have partnered with corporations that build our units to the high standards we have set. We don’t offer a cheap wooden box with a plastic top; our portable storage units have a life expectancy of 20-plus years.

Most importantly, the initial startup cost is a fraction the cost of a franchise purchased from one of the big boys on the market today. No warehouses, no big trucks, no big forklifts are needed. With this delivery system, all you need is a parking lot and a three-quarter-ton or larger pickup truck and you are in business. Because of the lower startup costs, the purchaser of the system enjoys a greater and quicker return on their investment.

With the much larger investment required by the big franchise companies, they generally recommend you are in a populated area of 250,000 to 500,000 people. This restriction on population limits a lot of areas, towns and cities from opening a portable storage business. But because of the much smaller startup investment, we have proven our system will work in a much smaller market area, opening up a lot more business opportunities for people in those smaller markets as well as in the larger markets.  
What makes this delivery system stand out against the competition?

  • The finest storage units available
  • The most versatile delivery system available
  • Employee and customer friendly
  • Extremely low startup cost compared with the major franchises
  • No franchise fees up front or yearly
  • It’s your business!  

Interested in finding out more about this innovative portable storage business? Go to our website at or contact us at the AA Portable Storage office (434) 528-0040 or mobile number at (434) 660-4020.