Maintaining Your Security System: Low-Tech Upkeep For High-Tech Equipment

Posted by MiniCo on Jul 29, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Maintaining Your Security System: Low-Tech Upkeep For High-Tech Equipment

You rely on it every second of every day to protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and your tenants’ belongings. You use it as a selling point in your
promotional materials and in sales pitches to prospective tenants. Without it you could fall victim to burglary, vandalism, or worse.

It’s your security system, and it is an essential component of your self-storage facility. Your security system is an expensive investment and should be properly maintained to prolong its life span. When installed correctly, most security systems require little maintenance. Nevertheless, there are several components of your security system that do require some attention.

Camera And DVR Care

Cameras are installed to capture the activity occurring on the property. Self-storage managers and owners depend on cameras to record any goings-on at the site that could result in litigation. The footage collected by the cameras can be utilized to avoid lawsuits and convict wrong-doers. Because cameras play a significant part in the security system, it is imperative to ensure that they are operating accurately.

To be sure the cameras are working appropriately, you need to test them. This can be
accomplished by simply reviewing the footage that the cameras have recorded. If you notice any objects in the frames that don’t belong, you should check the camera lenses for dirt, smears, or watermarks.  “Lenses are out there in the environment and they can in fact get dirty,” says Rick Sedivy, director of marketing for Inglewood, Calif.- based DKS DoorKing. “Use a soft, dry cloth to get the dirt off and maybe a little bit of compressed air to get everything off.”

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