Kiosk Helps Manager Break All-Time Sales Record

Posted by MiniCo on Mar 21, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Kiosk Helps Manager Break All-Time Sales Record

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced that Access Self Storage a 34,400 sqft facility in Oakland New Jersey, reported an all-time high in unit rentals over the course of a month. Surprisingly the record breaking month happened over a mere 28 days in February. Access Self Storage installed their first INSOMNIAC™ Kiosk in January of 2014 and within days they started seeing a return on their investment. Prior to adding a self service option to their rental process, the facility was averaging approximately 8 new rentals monthly and last month they completed 14 rentals through the kiosk alone.

“People walking in off the street were very comfortable with the automation and our tenants acclimated quickly,” said Michele Cavaliere, Vice President at Access Management Company. Quick successes were attributed to a solid marketing campaign to promote new benefits and conveniences including extended hours of operation. All tenants were notified to create awareness and signage was installed to attract new customers when the office was closed.

“Our goal was not to depersonalize the self storage customer experience, we simply wanted to add a layer of customer convenience that was missing,” said Cavaliere. Current statistics show that approximately 50% of all kiosk transactions happen outside normal business hours when personal support is not always available. Newfound rentals through the kiosk demonstrate that incremental rental opportunities were being missed. “The combination of automation and the human touch has created a win-win result,” added Cavaliere.

Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech said, “Congratulations to Michele for her record-breaking sales month. She is a great example of an innovative self storage operator that continues to focus on making her business more convenient for her customers.”

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